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Japan’s New Weapon Against NEETs & Hikikomori: Miruku


The government wants otaku NEETs and hikikomori integrated into society and properly employed (or rather, paying taxes to support the oppressive weight of the unreformed pension system), and to this end at least one regional jobs bureau has opted to fight fire with fire, by unveiling its moe anti-NEET weapon Milk (or Miruku), pictured.


The “Support Station” in question is looking to get young people into work, so it seems moe marketing was deemed appropriate, and as a result we can now read “image character” Miruku’s profile (strangely her three sizes are omitted) and even her blog.

Just why she is called Miruku (which they romanise as “milk”) is not made clear.

All moderately interesting, but will it winkle NEETs out of their shells?

There is one slight problem which may impede Miruku’s ability to get people out of their foetid rooms and into the jobs centre: it seems Miruku will only be available to assist online…

Via Neko Allergy.


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