Comment on Exceptional Sheryl Nome Cosplay by Falmung:

Wow strike on! She looks very close to the real Sheryl.

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  • Xbox 360 Failure Rate 54%:
    It has been strange for me. I have a xbox 360 I won at a contest and I’ve beat it up so hard in use that I still wonder why its still not dead from so much use. Its a 360 from the first year it was released. This should had died a long time ago. All my friends 360 have hit the dust. My 360 is already going for 4 years without having to replace it. Also its a core version. It does have disc tray problems but that’s just a simple problem that doesn’t prevent gameplay.

  • Star Oppai: The Last Panchira “H Game” After All?:
    Incredible. Aside from incredible graphics it has splendid animation and certain interesting body movements…. This game is a must buy. I loved the slap on the previous post.

  • Star Ocean Producer: “I Wanted to Make an H Game”:
    Wow now those are some nice graphics.


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