Comment on Exceptional Sheryl Nome Cosplay by Anon:

She’s a bit doughy around the midsection. Fatties shouldn’t cosplay.

Nah, I’m kidding. I’d hit it.

With a brick.

And then while she was unconscious, I’d do things to her. Sexual things.

I’m a terrible person.

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  • Kirby Guro Cake:
    How… how could anyone do this?

  • 22-Year-Old Loli Impersonator:
    “Them” is very often used colloquially to refer to an ambiguous, nongender-specific pronoun, ya damn pedant. Clearly -they- didn’t want to say this certain person’s name; it’s safe to assume they didn’t intend to reveal their gender either.

  • Wii People vs PS3 People:
    Game library wise, the PS2 is still killing all the new gen consoles. Neverminding their huge lead, they still put out more RPGs than all the new consoles combined. Which one will eventually come out ahead remains to be seen. Personally, even as someone who predominantly plays RPGs, I think the Wii is the better console against the 360 and PS3. Granted, I think the 360 will gain on the Wii rather quickly at the current pace, and the PS3, well, there will be a total of 4 games that I’ll play on …

  • Disgaea 2 PSP:
    I assume that like the PSP port for the original Disgaea, it’s not going to be lacking anything especially noteworthy from the PS2 version? I’m glad to hear this. I need more SRPG’s that I can take on the go. I have enough games to sit in front of my TV and play without the gigantic timesinks that the Disgaea games can be.

  • Stylish Anime OP Legends:
    Personally I’m partial to the intro to Air Gear. Tenjho Tenge too, in the same vein. Death Note season 1 intro was possibly my all time favorite, but who hasn’t already seen it.


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