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Giant Izumi Konata Figure Promises Hidden Delights


This rather large, and also rather appealing, figure version of Lucky Star‘s erstwhile otaku protagonist Izumi Konata is due to go on sale in June, but has already attracted some attention due not only its size, but also its reclothability (or perhaps declothability)…

The 1/4 scale PVC figure by FREEing comes to 37cm in height, a veritable giantess compared to a Figma or more conventionally sized figure.

Her PE kit is in fact actual cotton, and so must be fully removable; replacing her clothing with whatever else looks possible, although probably the effect of any more maniacal choice will be spoilt by her non-removable socks and shoes.

We are sure to find out later just what she is wearing, or as many will hope, not wearing, under her kit nearer release.


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