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550 FFXI Dupers Banned, Including Top $50,000 Account


Nearly a thousand players of Final Fantasy XI, apparently some 1% of the total global server population, have been punished after an item duplication bug spread across the servers, tempting many into exploits which are explicitly forbidden by all MMORPGs.

The offences of 550 were so egregious that Square Enix felt they had to be permanently banned outright, without recourse, whilst another 400 were suspended temporarily for lesser offences.

One high level account deleted is reputed to have contained ultra-rares (“relics”) worth a putative $50,000 or more (although these numbers are of course contingent upon a sale actually being made).

The duplication bug itself (of which there have been many examples across all manner of MMORPGs previously) was actually fixed during emergency maintenance on November 26th, 2008; however, prior to this fix, a great many players were tempted.

Over the coming months log file analysis conducted by Square Enix brought to light the thousand cursed names, culminating in the harsh discipline meted out on the 23rd of January.

Amongst those deleted was one account apparently loaded with ultra rare items, and ranked as the top player in all of FFXI, that of “Minidragon”. You can read his long winded apologetics at the end of the article.

He apparently had all his jobs maxed to 75 and 6 relics (a lot of stuff, in other words), which represents an account worth a great deal of money – estimates made by knowledgeable 2ch MMORPG otaku put this at some $50,000.


Of course, this would assume he could have completed successfully a near legendary “Real Money Trade”…

Whatever the case, his is a catastrophic loss.

A legend is unmade?

Minidragon speaks, in excruciating length: (skip to the end for the mercilessly condensed version)

Sorry for the late reply. I went to sleep after waiting on hold that long, just woke up a little while ago. Just to hear from the source, yep, it’s perma. Not the way I wanted to go out, but kay-sar-a, sa-ra. I had fun, despite the developers. I already picked out the TV I plan to get, the Pioneer PDP-5020FD. I’d get a larger one but I don’t have room in my place. Thanks to everyone who’s provided their condolences. For everyone that pointed out the SE banned me over and over, thank you for pointing out the obvious, I can assure you I’ve noticed. No, I’m not upset or really that sad. I believe it to be an unmeasured response, but that’s my humble opinion.

I am leaving the game, but I’m happy to say I’m leaving the game as one of the most accomplished individuals. I can say w/o a doubt, I couldn’t of had a better group to play with. I’m proud of our LS, what we accomplished, how far we came from day 1 till now. As far as the LS is concerned, I have no regrets. We accomplished a great deal for a shell of 25. If I had to pick a time for the LS to go out, I can’t think of a better one.

We were in our prime, at our best. The atmosphere in the shell was positive, and I was excited to get up everyday and do what we did. I tried my hardest to make decisions that I thought were fair, never tried to play favorites on loot decisions, and always tried to make sure I never became one of the LS leaders who took everything before their member. In every good HNM shell, there is a calculated risk and reward. My LS took the gamble and lost. But never reget rolling the dice.

As for me, I’m not going to commit suicide, or whatever else you guys have been cooking up in those heads of yours. SE made their decision, even if I don’t agree with it, I have no option but to respect it. I could be upset or angry over it, but what good would that do? I would much rather celebrate the accomplishments then dwell on the defeats. I don’t plan on playing another MMO, and now that Minidragon is gone, I don’t plan on playing this one either.

My simple regrets, I never got to parse one of our Amano sams with my Apoc after getting the Armada, Mar’s, and a couple minor HQ’s. I came really close last time, and I think I could match or beat him this time around. I didn’t get to finish the Burtgang, I was joking with the LS about how if I were to finish the Burtgang, I would instantly enter a CS with the FFXI credits rolling. I was at least happy to know that I was going to finish it. I don’t think there would have been any obstacles that I couldn’t overcome in the making of that weapon. My last regret, was not capping merits. I was about 216 merits from capping all jobs out for merits.

Just to clear a few things up (lot’s of strange rumors about me) and some neat facts:

I am the original owner of the account.

I am from the US.

No, I’m not a virgin.

Yes, I have friends.

Yes, I have seen the sun.

I’m actually a pretty normal person, I just happen to play a video game for a few more hours a day then average MMO players. I go out with friends, and have BBQs, play poker on rare occasions.

I did not buy gil in this game. Believe what you want, but I honestly didn’t.

I did at one point use the gardening exploit to amass a great quantity of Fire, Ice and Thunder ore. I had over 40 gardening mules at that point between 3 accounts. My ‘other’ major indiscretion.

At the peak of inflation, I dropped on accident a stage 3 relic katana worth about 200mil at the time. There was no way to recover it.

I spent about 1,000,000,000 on my first relic. Had I saved that gil, I would very likely have many more relics today.

Most of my relics were self funded, the only one that I received help on was the Horn, and NiN helped me complete it.

Most of the gil I used to unlock relics is the remnants of fortune I amassed during the inflation.

I did receive a great deal of accounts from previous Iron members, and one from a old JP friend.

I did at points trade away accounts for gil, but never for cash. I couldn’t afford keeping all of the accounts, so I picked the ones that benefited the LS the most to hold on to. This was also one of the major sources of gil for the most recent relic, and the burt.

I did not receive my D-ring from Iron or NiN, I got it in a Japanese HNM shell for my Ninja, the only other tanks there were a pld that had gotten one the week before, and a taru ninja who hasn’t played in a long time. It was the first NA D-ring on the server and the last NA D-ring for a year.

To the best of my knowledge, I was the first NA character on any server with a Maat’s cap. I was for sure, the first Maat’s cap on our server. When the Maat’s cap was released, I only had 2×75’s, 1×37, and I was in the middle of leveling rng at about 50.

There have always been a great deal of rumors about how I treated my LS. I never kicked someone out for missing a single event, I was strict on attendance, but not that strict. I respected everyone I played with, and I never tried to take anything that I don’t think everyone would agree I earned. I had a great deal of gear, but I honestly didn’t solo lot much of anything in the shell. I passed a huge amount of rare gear to LS members, and always tried my hardest to avoid being selfish.

I never stole from the LS bank, however I will most likely be keeping the remainder of the bank, which isn’t much. We had just bought several Salvage bodies worth of Khroma and brought it back to the server, so was a little on the low side.

I never botted on Minidragon. I did on mules, but never on my main.

I would like to end on a good note. I loved playing this game. It was really the people that I got to play with that made me excited to logon every day. Even despite all of the flaws, and SE going out of its way to alienate its player base. The people are what made this game fun for me. So I want to give a shout out to everyone that made this game that much better.

Finally, to the men and women that I had the distinct privilege of playing with everyday. To all the Nine Inch Ninjas members, past and present, thank you for all your time and hard work. We set a very high standard for people to follow.

We built something that was unique and fun. I have nothing but the utmost respect for each and every one of the people I played with. I couldn’t have asked for a better shell, or a nicer group of people. I loved leading this shell more then any single other accomplishment in this game. It brought me a great deal of pride to see us succeed.

It was truly you guys that made this game fun for me, and your absence is with out a doubt a great blow to the FFXI community. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.

The condensed version:

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  • mini is a cock sucking loser lmao, people praise him everyday for being ” top player ever to play” but he cheated his way to the top since the 2nd yr playing til his end lmao loser!! LOL

  • The best part is I used to know minidragon IRL. He used to
    To run TSG lan center in Seattle. They had a top counter-strike team and he just stopped taking care of the place when ffxi came out.
    TSG was a great place, too bad minidragon and his chocobos ran it into the ground…

    He’s a white kid BTW


    umm wow… to be honest i didnt even make it out of the free trail period on this game (2 weeks of playing and i said F#%k it), it was that bad…. thankfully my first and last MMORPG, still cant see the appeal to the genre….. now if only i can get rid of my copy 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    wow… Mini failed at life, hope he dont /wrist now… well.. ya screw it, u cheated everything else, now try to cheat life!, idk how anyone could like this guy Mini, the guy up top is right, look up to the guy who farms everyday for a year, not the guy who cheated his ass off and had the world 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL this fucking geek, it was so fucking obvious that he bought fucking gil, and that he was do so much crooked shit, his ass got banned bcz of all the bots he had, and all the gil he bought, he says he did all that shit IRL?? HA!!! this bitch wanted people just like him ONLY to join the LS, people with beer belly, fat ass, bearded face, small dick selves LOL, anyone who REALLY and i mean SERIOUSLY works hard in game and developes a relic, like farms fucking tree saplings, or fishes, thats who get respects, but a fucking asshole like this?? HA its good he got banned, he was a crooked ass player and its no fun when someone who does NOT play fair reap all the rewards, then someone who actually works there ass off, after 5 relics u seriously wanted to still be greedy and buy more gil?? fucking dumbass should of just quit while u were ahead, u cheated from the start and had the world, and just like a dumbass u fell, we all know while writeing your little speech up top u tried so damn hard to make it seem like u had a life, but in reality, we know u must of had a rich daddy who paid for your life and u failed hard XD

    • Sign a petition against S-E banning people who knowingly cheated in an MMO? I think not. They got what they deserved. They are not innocent, period. I think S-E should change those temp bans to perma.

      • The problem is that you are ass-uming that these people were knowingly cheating. I personally think that it’s more likely that some people were running into this bug and not even realizing that it was a bug.

  • I feel sorry for him, as well as others that got caught up in this (myself included). Its sad when a company knows of something ingame (I personally emailed them twice and talked to their Game Masters 3 times) about this for over 2 years, yet punishes players that finally take advantage of it after it being ingame that long. Shame on them.

    • Agreed. If they tried this with me, I would be thinking about a lawsuit against them, because if it stays in game for more than 3 weeks after being reported, it gives credence to the ‘it’s a planned thing’ reasoning.

  • ahaha that’s just seriously pathetic, i myself play mmorpgs, a few years ago i still played legit but now i just bot it all day even my main account.

    if my main got banned, it would surely suck, i can just imagine how that guy felt when he couldnt log in to his account when it got banned.

    so, that being said, i’m now waiting for the article with “Banned FFXII Player Commits Suicide”

  • Zelgadis4tw says:

    Well, sucks to be him. No excuse for that kind of cheating though. Even considering he had to have been at his computer for every waking moment since he started playing the game. I had quit that game a long time ago because my friend and LS leader quit after we finished CoP missions, and didn’t seem worth playing the game after that happened.

    To all that are concerned, this is Crim from Siren server, from LSs Magicite Empire, Magicite Dynasty, and Revival.

  • Poor guy~ , he is not employed …. I wonder how he survive all these 5 year without income , maybe his parent give him some money every month? (I cant fully understand what they say in the video) …. I always played my computer more than average people will do , err 10 hour/day if I dont have to go school but he is so much serious than me =.=!!!

    • dont compare urself with that miserable pile of shit in that vid. Not worth it. Be glad u’re nowhere near as bad as he is.
      from the somewhat limited japanese I understood in the vid, she said he’s been shut in his room (as a hikikomori) for the past year and obviously enough, unemployed. that’s already a bad start in itself.

    • There is no true value, it all depends on what he could have got. You can see the comments here and on 2ch coming up with similar estimates, so it seems credible enough, but nobody is terribly convinced you could actually auction it off for such.

  • Oh man, I used to play FFXI. I quit around peak inflation time, had to focus on college. But I remember botting the hell out of that game. Mr.Argus, FfxiAssist and all that shit. I got into Sky without doing any of the missions because I figured out that the teleporter was on the same map, and all I had to do was use the bot’s coordinate warp. I came back to the game once, but after seeing what were back then lesser noob players attain relic gear and the like, I felt completely demoralized and left for good.
    And you’re trying to tell me an NA player takes the seat of top player? I find that hard to believe.

  • The picture above is of Jackyl from Garuda server, not Minidragon although they are pretty similar. Jackyl was on of the leaders of SaepereAude, Minidragon lead NineInchNinjas. Jackyl didn’t have as many relics as Mini did, but he had the first Mythic weapon (lancelot who had the 2nd mythic weapon, also got banned. Mini was close to Burtang, but didn’t finish it.)

  • The only MMORPG I’ve ever played was Dofus. Fortunately it was this minor one so I ended up wasting only 1 year of my life to a genre with no real end (in vain). I was so bored of the repetitive tasks that I started developing a bot for it for about 6 months, it ended up playing more than me and thank god I didn’t do all that grinding.

    From now on I pity those that are stuck with MMORPGs. In a normal game you will eventually finish it after a reasonable amount of time. With MMORPGs you can always improve and get trapped to the vanity of leveling and getting more items, only to discover that you need more money, powerful items and precious time.

    They did a favour by banning him, now he is free from that time consuming habbit.

    P.S Artefact: I am not a native English speaker but shouldn’t it be “he is at a catastrophic loss”? “his is a…” sounds weird to me.

  • Maybe if the game wasn’t the hardest MMO out there and punish people for playing so much, they wouldn’t try so hard to dup items & gil. After FFXI I couldn’t take WoW seriously, because you can just about play it blindfolded in comparison.

    I’ll pass on watching the video. It does not sound or look pleasing.

    • Yeah you can really say its easy to learn. But being better then others is what matters. And you wont be as good as someone who masters his class at what he specced for.
      The endgame is the same difficulty for every game anyway. because thats when you play against other players or the Hard encounters. And even if some may say Raids are to easy atm in WoW. I still havent seen one withe a black/plagued protodrake for the achievements.

      So why should i play a game thats hard to learn and master when there’s a game where you can have fun without beeing always a core gamer but also try some really hard achievements.

      • As someone who has played both FFXI and WoW endgame, the endgame in FFXI is far more difficult, because the conditions required to fight the enemy in question are rarer. I will say that it does make for a very good feeling when you finally accomplish it, but there is a lot of disappointment along the way.

        My biggest mistake was playing FFXI before WoW, you can’t go from a time and group intensive format like Final Fantasy, and then immediately drop to a casual MMO, I found myself bored out of my mind because I was so used to having a backlog of tasks that had to be done when I logged onto FF that when I actually had the freedom to pretty much do whatever I want and not be penalized for it, I couldn’t think of something to do.

        • accomplishment or relief that it is finally over and you never want to do it again?

          FFXI is mostly made up of the later.

          And to Kuro, hard? Time sinks with shitty drop rates do not equal hard, just tedious and time consuming.

          While the actual fights MAY be hard, the requirements to start them are usually just moronic filler to make you play longer

          Everyone who has ever played FFXI knows about the punitive drop rates of everything in the game, even those new players trying to get a SJ item.

          In FFXI the main tenet of the game is misery loves company, so everyone can commiserate with all the other players, just ask anyone that has camped LL or VE, or done Dynamis or anything as simple as farming crawlers for silk.

          0/15 on LL, 0/35 on VE, two years for a DRG hat from Dynamis. 0/35 on 35 body (whatever that is) and SE wonders why people would jump at the chance to dupe items.

  • This has really been making the rounds lately, didn’t expect to see it on Sankaku though…
    50k is a bit much, and kind of ridiculous. Almost seems like they may be combining the prices for accounts with similar gear/job levels to reach that height. I’ve never heard of an account going for over 11k.

    Of course, “Heard” is the important word here. RMT is not accepted in this game, so those who do end up RMT’ing their account usually stay quiet about it.

    The bans were somewhat of a surprise from SE, but, those who were Perma-banner got what they deserved. The events suck, not getting what you want sucks, but cheating is not the solution.

    • 1 million gil is around $40. If you add up the current “value(if he had the gil and sold that instead)” of his relics you’ll come up with a large number. Throw in other rare items, etc. I don’t really think he’d find someone to pay 50k either, but there you have it.

    • the vid is a hikikomori, its probably a joke about how the guy in the article never went out. Its not the best joke, but its what everyone else commented on :p. BTW, his removal will bring up to a revival of the game. People will want his spot, so everyone will be playing more :p.

  • “I am the original owner of the account.
    I am from the US.
    No, I’m not a virgin.
    Yes, I have friends.
    Yes, I have seen the sun.”

    Someone is trying too hard to prove that he doesn’t have a life.

  • Lol’d so hard when I first heard this. Was ranked first in all of FFXI:

    For the people not into FFXI, the sheer amount of time and gil required to earn all the items he has just shown on there is mind boggling. It took me quite literally an entire year to earn my Aegis(the shield in the pic), and I played fairly frequently. Of course, I quit about six months ago, so perhaps the economy has severely dampened.

    And then there’s that Burtgang, which is even more difficult than the Relics to earn.

    Still though, $50,000 seems a bit high, maybe that’s the Japanese market for bought accounts though. Seems like it would low ball at $35,000, peak at $45,000. Either way, it is still fucking hilarious, he has a huge chunk of cash, and he threw it away for a duping trick that he knew the company didn’t want anyone doing.