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Da Capo English Release Out


Classic bishoujo game Da Capo, a title at the heart of a sprawling web of adaptations and sequels, has received a full official English release, its first, which is available now.

The title, considered one of the major works of developer Circus, is being provided in English by MangaGamer. It is available digitally as of now, for €50.

You can read about the game at its English site, or head straight to the product page.

Fortunately, it seems MangaGamer have handled the unfortunate debacle surrounding their deficient early releases fairly well, issuing a variety of refunds and patches, and taking on the proofreaders (and we might hope translators) they would have done well to have retained from the start.

For it to have happened at all is hardly inspiring, but at least they learnt their lesson quickly and responded reasonably.

With some big, if old, brands now in their custody, a relapse seems unlikely. Let us hope they will be able to catch up to some later releases…

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