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Korean Nazi Cosplayers in Marketing Putsch


A unit of Nazi cosplayers has incited international consternation by goose-stepping about the centre of Seoul in a marketing action in support of WWII MMOFPS Karma II.


The muscled young men, pictured, braved the chill of wintery Seoul to ensure the game’s release got proper attention, and seem to have succeeded, drawing both Korean interest, and the international disapproval which soon accrues to the “Asians disrespectfully wearing Nazi uniforms” genre of mock news.


The impact of their Nazi salutes are seemingly only marred by their failure to choose S.S. over Wehrmacht uniforms; though unlike the better class of Korean publicity stunt, tearing apart live animals or cutting themselves open does not feature.


Similar previous marketing schemes in Korea, invoking the name of the late Fuhrer himself, also managed to attract much censure, so it is interesting that they would apparently not mind repeating this.

Of course, some would say the hysterical reaction such antics inevitably provoke is completely out of reasonable proportion, considering what many western war otaku get up to in their weekend antics…

Via Netharuka.

Harmless publicity, or thoughtless disrespect for a sacrosanct conflict?

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