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Tenga Ona-Holes On Sale Besides Eroge


Displaying a shrewd insight into the habits of the eroge player, huge game specialty retailer AsoBit Game City is stocking its “adult” floor with the infamous Tenga Flip Hole onahole (artificial vagina).

Some of you might also remember Tora no Ana’s ero-manga lotion promotion early last December, another insightful marketing approach quite similar to this…


A display in Akihabara’s Asobit Game City store, with many other interesting products on view besides the Tenga.


We unfortunately have never covered the Tenga Flip Hole onahole on display here, but an amusing review is available on Danny’s if the idea of a washable, silicone vagina intrigues you enough.

Or, you might be interested in the newer Tenga Ona-Eggs (available here) product we’ve covered before, complete with a how-to video.


“A devilish hole!

Put your finger in just once and you’ll become a slave!”

A hands on display sample. The small tubes are the differing types of lotion that come with the Flip Hole, but only have enough for 2 uses or so, so the buyer also needs to purchase larger tubes of lotion, which of course Tenga is glad to provide.

Personally, I would recommend either the white or red tubes of lotion, as the black “hard” lotion isn’t quite viscous enough…


Viva! Onani Life!

I’m glad to have been born in this age.


It feels so great that (nose) mucus will come out.



Another display in the store, with a Tenga conveniently placed alongside ero-manga and eroge magazines.

The ad for the AV behind the Tenga seems out of place here – perhaps an error?

Via Akiba Blog.

For those curious to see the onahole in detail, below is a promotional video of the Flip Hole:


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