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IdolM@ster ($80) Charity Auction Hits $1,200


IdolMaster seiyuu Takahashi Chiaki (Azusa) and Imai Asami (Chihaya), are auctioning off autographed copies of the second IdolMaster game, IdolM@ster Live For You, for charity.

As of writing the price of the signed copies has exceeded the ¥110,000 mark, with less then a hundred bids and is continuing to climb, with 8 hours remaining. The game costs ¥7,000 new.

All of the proceeds will be donated charitably to support the less fortunate.


The games themselves have been opened to allow the seiyuu to sign the inserts under the plastic:


Second-hand copies like this can be had for ¥2,500…

One has to wonder just what kind of fan has the money to afford these…

Via Hachimaki; you can also view the Yahoo Auction.

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