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NicoNico Complex: NicoNico Douga Unlocked


We have received full embed permission from NicoNico Douga, which I believe is a first for an English language anime site, and quite possibly for a solely English language site too.

This took a fair bit of organisation, and a meeting at the Dwango (Nico) offices, so it is not hard to see why it is uncommon even amongst Japanese sites…

With this you can freely view videos from Nico embedded on our pages without an account or otherwise, and also you can freely post videos in the forums. Additional features are also planned.

Remarks & Explanation:

The interface to the external player should be simple enough – the “chick” icon in the bottom right corner will turn off the scrolling comments; in some videos they are highly recommended for visual effect, in others they are a distraction. Playing the video in question is accomplished using the triangular “play” icon, oddly.

If you click elsewhere in the window, you will be taken to the main Nico page for the video.

Commenting and other such functions are only possible whilst logged in, and from the Nico site itself – just click the window as usual to go to the relevant page.

You can also freely post videos from NicoNico Douga on the forums; see here for details.

If you have problems playing a video, please check below in the comments: you may need to disable certain anti-virus software’s referrer blocking features, and allow scripting for Nico (and here).

Please do not ask anyone involved with Sankaku Complex in an official capacity how to download videos from Nico. We will have no choice but to ignore any such questions.

The videos will be affected by the dreaded economy mode as usual; typically this runs from 1900-0200 JST (GMT +9), and depending on the video (especially popular ones) may result in dramatically reduced visual quality.

You can get round this by buying a NicoNico Douga premium membership (500JPY a month) – this will ensure full quality at all times both on Sankaku Complex and on Nico.

Expect further developments on the chart front when they are ready…

Gratuitous Nico videos are now provided by way of an exciting test; these are the all-time top 5 videos on Nico (in terms of playbacks, strange as they are):

1. 5,755,508

2. 5,327,052

3. 5,131,177

4. 4,841,635

5. 4,186,410

Let us choose to believe it is because they are old that they dominate so…

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