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Sunshine Creation 43 Cancelled After Huge Virus Leak


Long running doujinshi event Sunshine Creation (Sankuri) has just had its latest opening (SC43) cancelled after a massive leak of participants personal data; the data leaked is said to cover some 20,000 people, and is now freely available to all comers on the Winny P2P network.

The bungle apparently occurred after a staff member’s computer became infected with a virus, of the sort which spreads confidential information onto the Winny network after being downloaded by the very same network.

Such viruses pervade the outdated Winny network and have become notorious, embarrassing everyone from civil servants and military personnel to celebrities, whilst spreading all manner of classified secrets and sex videos.

In this case, the file apparently contained all the registration information of participating circles from previous events, including participant name, age, sex, address, title and so forth.

As well as being a treasure trove of data for identity thieves, this information may expose the identities of circle members who may otherwise wish to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of their doujinshi.

The Sunshine Creation organisers have issued a lengthy formal apology, and felt they had no option but to cancel the pending event, Sunshine Creation 43, in order to pursue security measures in order to prevent any possible relapse. Such cancellations seem a common response to these sort of problems.

A case of shutting the stable door after the horse has already bolted?

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