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Man Attempts Theft of Live Power Line Using Scissors…


On the morning of the 15th, the burnt corpse of a man was discovered hanging upside down from a Guangdong power line.

The fire department quickly arrived on the scene, and deduced that the man was attempting to steal the cables after noticing a spot where scissors had been inserted.

We are left to speculate whether he intended to actually cut the cable free with these, or was attempting to pry something loose…

Given his evident lack of judgment, abortive cutting seems quite possible.

Following the incident, a warning sign was put around the area so that necessary repairs could be done; it’s not clear whether power supplies where interrupted by this.

Via Heaven. Chinese source.

Amongst less developed areas of the world, and even occasionally in more developed areas, theft of relatively inexpensive but highly hazardous public infrastructure is a serious problem, though usually thieves have some clue.

Still, it could be worse; at least he didn’t insert his penis into it

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