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Final Fantasy XIII Demo Dated


The Final Fantasy XIII demo will go on sale soon, accompanied by an added extra in the form of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete (the CG movie adapted to Blu-ray), or a 160GB PS3 to play it on.

The demo can had accompanied by the PS3 (and movie) at ¥50,000 or the limited edition movie at ¥6,000; the normal movie is available separately for ¥5,000.

These packages will all go on sale on the 16th of April, according to official sources. It’s not clear whether a more general distribution of the demo is planned.

No firm date is yet given for the release of the game proper either, but a Japanese PS3 release in 2009 is apparently on the cards (the rest, including the humiliating Xbox 360 release, are set for 2010).

More details on the characters have also been dribbling out of late:


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