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Nopan Matsuri in Ichigo Marshmallow Encore OP


I had the good fortune to have a friend show me this video. It is the opening for the upcoming Ichigo Mashimaro Encore OVA.

Like past series it looks innocent enough, save for the last few seconds which display the character Matsuri without panties:

Player 1


A bit of fanservice, or just the work of some animator with an ecchi sense of humor? It looks a little consistent for an error, though that too is a possibility.

One for the pantsers?

For those curious, the song is entitled Ichigo Splash.

The OVA’s first release is scheduled for January 23th and the second for March 25th. The standard and limited editons for both volumes retail at ¥5,760 with pre-orders currently available at Play-Asia.

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