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Cosplay Kickboxer Yuichiro’s Next Target is Aya Hirano!


Crossdressing cosplay kickboxer Yuichiro Nagashima, undefeated champion, has expressed his burning ambition as being to meet none other than bikini model Aya Hirano:

“My ambition for the year is to appear alongside Aya Hirano. I don’t care how, I just want to appear with her!”

He also describes his other ambition, and sums up his priorities: “My dream is to be a seiyuu, my main line of work is cosplay, and I do kickboxing part-time.”

It’s not clear if an appearance with Aya Hirano, who is lately more concerned with flashing her posterior than lending her voice to anime, would be much help in this, unless he plans to enlist her help in selecting a bikini for a more avant garde, and perhaps unconventional, spot of cosplay than has been the norm so far…

He promises spectacular victory if a seiyuu does offer him an audience: “If a seiyuu gives me the call, I can become 1.5 times stronger! It’ll be Hyper Yuichiro Time.”

His next cosplay after his spate of appearances as Nanoha’s Vita is a “military secret” he says, though lately he has been seen cosplaying Index-tan

“I’m a bit curious about why everyone seems to be avoiding me…”

His next bout is K-1 World Max 2009, due February 23rd; he will be beating Hayato, a mere runner-up from last year, who has this to say of his opponent: “Well… I guess since he has individuality that’s ok I suppose. I’ll be trying desperately to win; this year for sure!”

Via Sports Navi.

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