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Toradora! / A Certain Magical Index Maid Café Event


A nekomimi themed maid café in Akihabara will be holding a special “Toradora x Index” event next week, with the menu offering the likes of “Minori‘s Purin” and “Index‘s Donburi”.

The maids are sure to be dressed in appropriate cosplay, plus there is the promise of limited edition presents to customers, and even the opportunity to pay $40 to eat from the “Purin Bucket”, better known here as Minorin’s Raep Bucket.

The café, Cafe With Cat, is located on the 2nd floor of major doujinshi retailer Tora no Ana‘s main Akihabara store, presumably themed to go along with the chain’s cat mascot (not to mention the otaku taste for maids wearing nekomimi cosplay including furry ears and tails).

This sort of themed event is actually not uncommon at the cafe, which has held To Love-Ru, Sekirei and Hidamari Sketch events in the past. These events involve decorating the cafe with posters and art from the series, the maids cosplaying characters from the series, and a special menu themed to the show.

The Toradora! x Index event menu reads as follows (also viewable on the official website):



Taiga’s Sweet Curry – ¥900

We made a Sweet Curry that would be suitable for even delicate tongued Taiga. We tried to make the appearance of the dish invoke “The Handheld Tiger”.


Minori’s Purin / Index’s Purin – ¥600

We prepared purin (crème caramels) based on both of these characters from Toradora! and Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Please try both and compare! ♪


Ami’s Drink – ¥600

We made this to suit the dual-personality character of Ami.

Mix, and a new face of it becomes revealed…


Index’s Donburi – ¥900

We prepared the same donburi (rice bowl) that Index ate, with canned pike and katsuobushi (dried bonito). It’s filled with ingredients that cats love, so Index might have to fight for it, maybe.


Kinako Condensed Milk – ¥600

Mikoto kicked a vending machine, and a lot of this suspicious looking drink came out.

Special Menu Item – Purin Bucket – ¥4000

A purin bucket limited to one serving per day. ♪

Personally, I would like to try the rather unappetizing looking Index”s Donburi (simply because it’s somehow related to Index) and Minori’s Purin (simply because of the raep bucket pictures)…

Attendees to the event are promised an original Toradora! x Index drink coaster, plus a “special item” if a receipt from the café is presented on Tora no Ana’s 1st floor.

The Toradora! x Index event is scheduled to run for 5 days, from Jan. 21 to Jan. 25.

Details are available at the Cafe With Cat Events page, and pictures of past events at the cafe are viewable at their Reports page.

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