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Ryomou Shimei Total Exposure Ero-Figure


Ikki Tousen merchandise is no stranger to service-heavy and extremely revealing ero goods, but the latest official figure from the series completes the process and delivers with a figure that shows Ryomou Shimei fully stripped down to her bare birthday suit.

The figure is particularly noteworthy in being the first in the franchise to offer a complete nude, which is of course unusual for such figures in itself…

Beating even her earlier pantsu malfunction figure in terms of the amount of nude Ryomou on display, this figure is bound to make waves among fans of the series…

The 呂蒙子明 水着Ver. / Ryomou Shimei Mizugi Ver. 1/7 PVC figure comes from Taki Corporation,which is primarily a video distribution company that also moonlights  in figure making. Taki does not identify its sculptors, so that information is unavailable.

The figure comes with a black swimsuit on by default, which must help with the figure’s displayability on store shelves but which is unlikely to remain on for very long.


There is also a pink version of the swimsuit included.

Since the cast-on clothing is more akin to the packaging the figure comes in than anything else and is clearly meant to be removed as soon as possible, here is the figure in its true state:





Ryomou’s considerably sized oppai are on full display here, along with a generous amount of waki service.


Ryomou has a very slight tan, which is a good thing as otherwise the figure would likely look too plain without clothes to get in the way.


Her “lips” are not very detailed, something that probably couldn’t be helped.

These lower angle shots provide greater detail:



If for some reason you’d prefer to keep her clothed, the alternate pink swimsuit looks about as good as the black one…


Although they are likely to not get much use, Akiba Hobby’s photographer found one way to display her mizugi…


The Ryomou Shimei Mizugi Ver. was released earlier this week and should be attainable for well under ¥7,000.

Regrettably for international buyers, the well-known online stores seem to be mostly sold-out. Here is the Hobby Search page to help in your search.

See the full set of photos at Akiba Hobby.


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