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“I Wanted to Make Her My Sex-Slave” – Killer Ero-Mangaka


A man, Takanori Hoshijima (34), who kidnapped and killed a lady, dismembering her corpse, has given his motive for the crime as “I wanted to make her my sex-slave”.

In his trial, the court heard that he was found to have been carrying a variety of his own anime-styled illustrations at the time of his arrest, featuring lurid scenes of violation and yuri sex.

Additionally, Hoshijima was found to have actually published his own doujinshi featuring such content…

The accused also enjoyed BDSM AV, watching movies with such titles “Human Toy” extensively around the time when he abducted his victim.

He apparently lived the lonely life of an otaku, whiling away his days watching AV and anime, and reading erotic doujinshi and similar, having never had an actual girlfriend.

Soon he sunk into delusion, fantasising about having his own slave girl, obedient to his whims. He defined his ideal slave: “She would be dependent on sex with me, and think me essential to her existence.”

This all culminated in the kidnapping of a 23-year-old lady, who he apparently intended to violate into submission, making her in the end his obedient slave.

However, he soon took fright at the possibility of being found out and thus losing his erogamer lifestyle, and resolved instead to kill her and dispose of her remains via his toilet.

You can read the earlier coverage of his arrest here, and more details of his otaku proclivities here.

This via ZakZak.

It’s not clear what became of his doujinshi, though the court certainly saw them in detail…

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