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Onegai Teacher Mizuho Subtle Pantsu Exposure Figure


More decoration master photos of an appealing figure have come out, this time of Onegai Teacher‘s Mizuho Kazami Mint Ver. figure from Orchid Seed.

It’s been some years since the anime, but there are obviously enough fans that fondly remember the lovely Mizuho-sensei to warrant such a well-done figure of her.

The figure’s full name is 風見みずほ ミントver. / Mizuho Kazami Mint Ver., and is a 1/7 PVC made by Orchid Seed, who are also behind the Goth Loli Nagato (not to be confused with the Griffon Goth Loli trio) due in a few months. It is sculpted by 猫丸 / Nekomaru, who of course also did the original pink-clothed Mizuho Kazami Orchid Seed figure last year.


Her legs do look beautiful…


I think Mizuho-sensei’s hair was usually shown as being a darker shade than this, but it is quite close to the color in the source image (see below).

Otherwise, everything else seems to be fine. Photographed from the above angle, her face does seem somewhat boring, but in the other photos it does have an enticing adult appeal to it…


The seams in the hairlines don’t look fantastic, but as this is likely not to be the side the figure is most watched from it can mostly be forgiven.

A very nice bustline, with panchira visible even in the figure’s normal sitting position.


Did I mention “enticing adult appeal” ?


Looking closer at the revealing flash of pantsu…




The original source image, available in a higher resolution on the Channel.

The Mizuho Kazami Mint Ver. figure should be available in April for only ¥6,400.

It will prove an easy acquisition for international customers, as the regular locations such as Play-Asia.

See the rest of the photos at Akiba Hobby.

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