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Nintendo Conquers Christmas


Nintendo’s performance in the all important US market during Christmas 2008 has cemented the company’s supremacy and likely ensured its future as the major player for some time, though gamers are unlikely to be too inspired by either it or the other successes of the season.

The Wii managed Yuletide sales more than double that of the Xbox 360, leaving little room for runner up S**y.

The Wii sold some 3.2 million units in December, the DS another 3 million; of the others, the Xbox 360 managed 1.5 million, the PSP came in with 900,000, and the forlorn PS3 took up the rear with 700,000.

Of the 30 best selling titles, no less than 11 are from Nintendo.

The top ten games are shaping up to be as follows:

Game Platform Sales
Wii Play Wii 1,300,000
Call of Duty: World at War Xbox 360 1,200,000
Mario Kart Wii 1,200,000
Wii Fit Wii 1,000,000
Gears of War 2 Xbox 360 800,000
Call of Duty: World at War PS3 650,000
Madden NFL 09 Xbox 360 500,000
Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 500,000
Prince of Persia Xbox 360 475,000
Wii Music Wii 425,000


Not the most inspiring selection, to gamers at least, though clearly nobody can easily argue with such commercial success. Sequels and casual games appear to be the order of the day, along with the unimpressive technical capabilities of the Wii.

You can also see the slightly more inspiring 2008 Japanese market

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  • Call of Duty 4 was done by a diferent team, Infinity Ward. Treyarch is responsible for the WWII COD’s. Treyarch is also responsible for some of the worst games i have played (spiderman anyone?). I think they should give the franchise to Infinity ward.

  • If Nintendo creates a line of ero games called “Wii Fuck” with games like “Shikan Simulator” and “Lolicon Action” , I will buy a Wii.
    So I will think seriously that they have not forgotten that we are adults and that we want ero-games too xD

  • Zelgadis4tw says:

    I used to think console FPS were good, but then I tried Battlefield 2142 PC…after that I could barely understand how anyone could stick with playing console FPS. Having said that I have played a couple of the greatest, such as Goldeneye N64 and Timesplitters 3.

  • ohh come on…its cheap…
    the game is for everybody…and you can get fit too!!!
    Nintendo is aiming for people who never play game…and they did it

    im waiting for Wii become corrupted…im waiting for manhunt2
    surely that will be the day when Wii take up few steps above other console, and show a potential console that train people physically and mentally become a murderer
    (another outrage like UNICEF presumably to happen)

  • Nintendo(Wii): Cheap all the way, let’s lower the gameplay level since supposedly people can only play games that are as difficult as microwaving food. It isn’t our fault if people have no idea if the food in general is plain cold, barely edible, or just disgusting though.

    • They really need to crack down some 3rd party quality control — I see that as the biggest issue that the Wii has; that nobody is interested in developing deeper games for the system.

      Now mind you the fun games from 10-20 years ago really weren’t that deep either, I’d say. I just want ones that are more interesting.

  • I really hope game designers don’t take casual game sales to heart. All we need is the current normal game to hardcore game companies, looking for a quick buck and manufacturing simple casual games and putting quality out the window.

      • Well I disagree in regards to multiplayer. It’s personal preference I guess but I feel the guns are better in MW and it’s just a much smoother and less aggravating experience(and I’ve played both alot 10th prestige in 4 and currently 3rd prestige in 5) partly due to less glitches and less campers.

    • Agreed. The Wii was made for a more general audience so that non gamers would buy it too. C’mon, Wii fit, Wii play, Wii music? Those don’t count as games in my book(not that i have one). And they make me exercise too. The only exercising I should be getting out of games is with my thumbs. Yeah, xbox and sony for serious gamers.

      • ^ Agree

        This Nintendo Wii crap has become really ridicilious, and no-one can call themself a gamer with only a Wii.
        The only use it has really is to make those fat people move lol.

        Also, looking at that toplist you realize that the real gamers of the world really are decreasing. In the good old times only GOOD games would get publicity and top rankings. Now-a-days there is only causal crap and worthless random FPS on the toplist.
        Though I would not expect more from the U.S. market. There is no way the list would look like that here…

        Baldurs Gate 3, where are you? ;_;

        • I keep my Xbox 360 for: Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, Fable 2 and maybe Blue Dragon. And the occasional other good exclusive release.

          I keep my PS3 for all the multi-platform releases, Eternal Sonata, Disgaea 3, Folklore, Bioshock, Civilization Revolution, Devil May Cry 4, Valkyria Chronicles and maybe Enchanted Arms and some more.

          I do of course have loads of more games to them, but those I just have for show and never play them lol.

        • Zelgadis4tw says:

          Ehh, I’m not sure it’s so much what you say but how you say it and how much venom oozes out of it more than half the time, however yeah, unfortunately I do agree that the Wii does not have much in serious gamers games, what do the other consoles have? Honestly not trying to start a flame war, I don’t know much about what is out there for xbox and ps3 besides [insert sport][insert year][insert EA], and random FPS.

        • Lol this is like the fifth time someone writes something like this on Sankaku.

          I am not that bad of a person you know! I just tend to write what is on my heart, which can be a little extreme (in some peoples eyes) at times. 😀