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2ch Founder to Otaku: “You’re Gross, No Board For You!”


2ch founder and male idol Hiroyuki is no fan of anime otaku it seems, and wasted no time in insulting them in recent comments made on NicoNico Douga (of which he is the boss), calling them “gross”, “annoying” and “unable to communicate properly”.

His comments were made in response to continuing demands that he allow anime threads on the “New Housoku” board, which he dismissed out of hand in a forthright manner:

“There’s always people telling me ‘Allow anime threads on New Housoku, damn it!’, but I won’t!”

“Even if they tell me ‘Louise-tan is kawaii (´Д`;)ハアハア’, it’s still not on.”

“Amongst anime fans, it’s best to contain the ones with very low communication ability. You’re damn annoying and completely gross. If we let them loose, do you think they (non-anime fans) will think people who like anime are normal?”

The long standing practical reason for the ban is apparently that the kind of anime related “news” discussion generated is out of character for the board.

Of course, this incited a furore on 2ch:

“He’s right. Listen up anime otaku!”

“He’s probably not even an admin anymore.”

“Does he even still have any rights at all over 2ch?”

“It’s pitiful that he can’t understand how cute Louise is.”

Many of course referred to the uncertain situation surrounding the control and ownership of 2ch now that it has been transferred to the mysterious “Packet Monster Inc”.

I’m sure you can imagine how matters developed. Doubtless spectacles such as the recent Nagi virginity fiasco are foremost in Hiroyuki’s mind in condemning these maniacs…

Via J-Cast.

Perhaps he is acting responsibly in shielding genuine anime fans from a potential public misperception that they are all like the crazed and obsessive otaku found on 2ch anime boards?

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  • But 2ch likely wouldn’t even exist now or at the very least be as popular if not for those otaku.
    Though he may be lumping Otaku,NEETs and lolicons all together which is an incorrect view.
    Oh well if he wants to bite the hand thats feeds him sure let him.

  • MrIHateYouAll says:

    Heh, I don’t care really what 2ch founder or some random guy on the internet thinks of me. While I have some place to hang on and read news about anime and eroge, you guys could burn for all i care. And 2ch is good enough for that.

    “Acceptable lives”? Don’t make me laugh. It’s ok while nobody is hurt, then let me scream about how anime character xxx is such a slut and flood 4chan about it. The whole weekend.

    I have zero interest on those things you guys call “social life” and “relationships”. And I pity those who think I should.

  • Furin Kazan says:

    Life is short,why care about other’s comments…if otaku’s interest not hurting anyone….our own happiness is the first priority….otaku should not the adnormal group to be blamed or laughed but bias peoples always attack the minority just for fun…they should be blamed or God damned indeed……..

  • I agree. Same thing with this ‘Otaku Week’ shit on MTV2. They show the most retarded bunch of anime fans and then people (who don’t watch anime) assume that all anime fans are fucking retards.

    • Hardcore trekkies, starwars and western comic fans can be equally scary.
      But fan does not necessarily mean dead beat the founder of Spacex is a starwars fan I think the last Administrator of NASA was a Trekkie.

      b`v fan you insulted just may be a million or billion air and he’ll buy the hosting company.

  • Spoony Bard says:

    Is it really so wrong to be an otaku? I obsess over anime- and video game-related media relatively often, but at the same time I still participate in a real social life, communicate rather well, take care of my appearance, and hold a job. It all comes down to the individual person, not otaku in general.

    • If you go out and RAAAGE when something trivial happen, well then yes. For example
      – Kannagi mango incident. WTF? she’s just a fucking tree. Why go to the extreme?
      – Miyano Mamoru’s revelation that he was married caused Fujoshi’s on 2ch to curse his new wife and hope that she dies giving birth. Now that is pure hatred just because of what? He got a wife and became a father?

      There are many more examples, but these are enough to show some stupid behaviours that would make normal people sees these so called “otakus” as abnormals and stuffs. And it does not help when my fellow Malaysians went obsessive about Hirano aya the other day….
      I weep ;_;

  • i agree with him… if he is pointing to those otaku who are within their own world, the ones who treat bieng an otaku almost like a religion, there are differences between simply ‘liking or bieng a dedicated fan of anime, manga and games’ and ‘worshipping’ them… those kind of otaku should atleast learn how to limit thierselves, learn how to speak in a normal non-otaku-like manner. Haven’t they been taught or atleast learned that “If people ask you if you’re an otaku, just simply answer ‘no’.”? They want to say “I’m an otaku! And I’m proud of it!” though it’s already obvious that there are a lot of otaku haters just outside thier own house or appartment even though you can’t tell them apart who is or who’s not. “Proud of bieng an otaku” they can just keep it to theirselves and avoid being added to other people’s hate list. They can just simply try to avoid them by saying “I’m not an otaku, but I do read manga, watch anime and play video games and collect items which are related to those.” even if the one they’re talking to is an otaku or not.

    +1 to otaku hater’s list usually means +1 to probably a petition to ban a whatever “otaku-related activity” …not true? well, with a lot of influence from those charismatic or smart or rich otaku hating bastards… they can probably do it.

    How many people are otaku? How many people hate otaku? How many people don’t really care? hmmm…

  • I tend to agree some whine a little to much for my liking.

    And besides, using the fact that “Louise is cute” is a weak argument and besides, it is a subjective matter.

    If i was him, i’d be unhappy and frustrated too. Stop giving people the wrong idea and perception dammit!

  • Hey doesn’t it feel that Packet Monster Inc is just a puppet company Hiroyuki made. And he’s just pulling string within himself. He can probably spring up companies out of nowhere in Singapore an endless loophole he found in the system if “Packet Monster Inc #1” Fails. Why is it that “(´Д`;)ハアハア” Feels directed towards more of personal grudge towards a person. It feels like it’s out of pure hate of that expression and what cause all his recent problem he had, and he blames it on that person. That’s why he try banned that person and thread of it. M***.org was the start of the source. It’s a conspiracy. Conspiracy as well as censorship of one particular person. And it’s not anime fans of poorer communication skills that he wants to desensitize.

      • This is how Pixiv was founded ever since that incident what happen might be 1-2 years ago. And why 2 ch took a hit in views, criticism ,lawsuits, and furtherize hurt its reputation(unfortunately, and what’s left it lol) because of it. From Ga-Rei Zero, Gundam 00 2nd Season, MARIAHOLIC(main guy), EF(the girl who tried painting), Tora Dora(EP 14), Kannagi(How they obtain the term “Crazy Shrine Maiden” and also when Yamakan said that he was saved on ep05) ,even on a game one is from CAVE (hint), Strike Witches oh and the one of later episode Hayate The Combat Butler skeleton joke, XAM, even doujin artist contributed to that person, the list goes on and on, of a certain person of that quote relation, M***.org. Anyways some rage/war i don’t why it becamed to be over several picture drawings than it hugely escalated. Viruses-spams outbreaks in attempts to attack that person but it spread hit others as well, to plagiarizing the drawing and commercialize publishing without that artist consent of a contest of the drawing, it than ended up trying to attempt a phishing steal identity of that person schemes associated to forge identity to grab cash which was on a courtier magazine and than conspirator even try to emulate drawing it which is funny and they fail(well fail to be of it, yet they still made money). And 2ch was hurt by it that’s why Hiroyuki was upset about it.

        It more than just looking at outer surface of the glass. 2ch bans lots of people about anime,but why is this news that particular person be chose? Where that particular quote stands out. It’s a conspiracy.

  • Its true and I agree with this man, Anime will always look like an undesirable hobby thanks to Otaku. I find it disgusting that these people pride themselves by calling themselves this.
    Why can’t they live more acceptable lives whilst balancing it with a healthy dosage of Anime? If this were possible we’d probably won’t have any Issues with Loli, Akihabara incidents, Ero-ge re-enactments, etc.

    But then again wishing that everyone in world would stop being ….sigh whats the point.

    • But yet it’s these very same people who make even a board like Sankaku all the more entertaining. Also, the problems that you stated can perfectly exist without otakus themselves existing.

      Loli – Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)
      Akihabara incidents – Columbine
      Ero-ge re-enactments – Porn Industry

      I can name more. Anyways, the extreme anti-social behaviour from certain otaku groups could be a lot of things, one would be the agoraphobic portion of otakus (hikkikomori) who are essentially prisoners of their own rooms and need to find an outlet. And without help some of them lash out against society, and media of course blames the wrong things and the wrong people. Gee, sort of how America media works. Fancy that.

  • Hoping his comments were aimed more at the overly extreme otaku who wanna be able to marry 2D chars and literally flipped the fuck out over Nagi having a boyfriend~ even though it was never said that she had sex, etc etc.
    Yeah, those type get on my nerves and give off a bad image of otaku that simply enjoy their anime/manga as well as set a poor outline of stereotypes.

    World! Stop generalizing and lumping all otaku into the same horrific category that you hear and see on 2ch.

  • “Perhaps he is acting responsibly in shielding genuine anime fans from a potential public misperception that they are all like the crazed and obsessive otaku found on 2ch anime boards?”

    Could be…

    There are indeed a lot of extreme-than-usual fanboys out there that needs to be weeded out…

  • There is nothing wrong with being an anime fan… Though I have to agree with him saying that some otakus sound annoying… Not all in general but some people in cosplay conventions here talk like they have their own world and their own language. It sounds really annoying because of the way they talk. As for other anime otaku activities… I approve of them. play ero games, watch anime, collect figures, cosplay, take pics of cosplayers, read manga… There is nothing wrong with that…