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Koreans Demand Anime Cancellation Over Breast Touching


Furious Koreans have begun an effort to force the Japanese broadcaster of WWII parody anime Axis Powers Hetalia to cancel the series, based on angry accusations that its political satire dares to impugn the mighty nation of Korea.

However, the broadcaster points out that the “Korea” character doesn’t actually appear in the TV version at all…

The controversy itself stems from some scenes in the manga (or web comic) which skewer Korean nationalism. In one scene which has Korean board goers particularly riled, Hetalia’s Korea says to Japan (both are male): “Let me touch your breasts”, after which Korea grabs the chest of Japan, screaming “banzai”.


Korean net users have insisted that the breasts in this scene are an unpardonable symbollic reference to the what they see as the traditionally Korean heartland of Dokdo/Takeshima/the Liancourt rocks, a few disputed rocks in the middle of the Sea of Japan (or “East Sea” if more angry Koreans are to be believed).

Another lampoon and subsequent complaint is in the form of Hetalia’s Korea being prone to claim all manner of culture as in fact being of Korean origin (there are in fact odd claims emanating from Korea to that effect).

We seem to be spared the more extreme protests relatively common in Korea, but the petition to cancel the anime has already attracted 12,000 signatures in but a day.

The broadcaster, Kids Station, claims ignorance: “We didn’t know about the Korean criticism. Even so, the ‘Korea’ character does not actually appear in the anime version.”

The news has now even been picked up by the likes of Yomiuri

Hetalia itself, set to air soon, loosely based around WWII, but with the characters being personifications of their various countries, features a wide variety of similar parodies based on supposed national characteristics. On these, the Koreans in question are strangely silent…

It should be interesting to see what becomes of the claims and accusations made against the show; surely they will not fold over something so trifling?



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  • TheAnonymous says:

    In Response To:

    Granted that the Korean dude acted like a complete ass, and this kind of stuff is making Koreans look bad, where we should just get over it. BUT, most of you people on this site JUST DON’T GET IT. I’m saying it for ALL parties of the matter. BOTH FOR AND AGAINST JAPANESE AND KOREANS. The way I see it is that a Japanese guy was acting racist and a Korean guy came and gone on his level. So with all due respect Mr. Artefact, BOTH the JAPANESE and KOREAN had been BOTH racist in this issue. What bothers me, is that even though this article is NOT racist AND/OR biased against Koreans, it is NOT being fair with Koreans either. This is practically the same with all the articles Artefact made concerning Koreans and Chinese. I won’t call this site nor the author racist, but to be honest you are NOT being, fair and well understanding either. This goes the same with any one for the Korean and post crap about Japanese people. To bluntly put it to you Artefact and anyone and EVERYone like him (again BOTH FOR AND AGAINST JAPANESE AND KOREANS), you’re showing favoritism. That’s with these kind of articles and responses on this damn site, you are ALL showing favoritism. You are giving needless and undeserved respect and praise to one country and completely shit on others without really understanding it and where it comes from but so quick to show shame and utter hate for it. Sort of like a international level of primogeniture on one side, and using great comfort to use of kind of infanticide to another, and almost every single one of you on this damn site is responsible for this kind of shit when it comes to these articles. Many of you are acting very uncivil and to many those who are civil, are expressing it in an uncivilized manner. If you think you are more civilized than the Koreans and Chinese you think are assholes and/or so love to hate and bash in these articles about them, then show some restraint and don’t bitch about it like they do. this goes the same with the Koreans and Chinese on the Japanese and and anyone else especially a westerner who should in my opinion technically not be add fuel to this mess either. so to show some contempt, here’s bit of an ultimatum for everyone. To the Japanese and those supporting on this, I’m Korean. I can’t speak for ALL Koreans but, I am a law binding citizen and have been all my life. I respect others as I do respect myself. I greatly respect Japan, it’s people and it’s culture and do not generalize an ENTIRE group when I observe an isolated incident like the one here in this article. I have never been obnoxious or been a perfectionists. I DON’T distort history in fact I will admit to the mistakes we had in the past. I never ate dogs, cats or any other domestic animals or any animal most people won’t consider eating for that matter. I DON’T have a box shaped head and slits for eyes or NOTHING plastic. I never had a plastic surgery in my life (and just so you know, a plastic surgery doesn’t use “plastic”). I do NOT represent barely ANY of the characteristics of a stereotypical Korean you people project. And I am deeply ashamed and sadden by the trend many Koreans have product themselves against others, and wish we world show the world better in a better light and forgive Japan for what they did. But you know what? That still doesn’t stop me from being Korean and being proud of it too. You jerks wouldn’t know one thing about us if you didn’t stop the bull and actually took the time and LEARN without any prejudice, doubt, BAD expectations, nor even concern. But I can’t expect much from you assholes can I. For the Koreans and Chinese and those who supporting on this, I know you are mad at Japan for what they did in the past I understand that, but it’s over now. I know it hasn’t been THAT long but Japan is a peaceful nation today. And it’s people and all other Japanese are overall good and nice people who sorry for what they done and show remorse for it too. And I know there are some who are stuck to the past but they don’t represent Japan and Japanese as a whole. I know and are friends with many and they don’t act like that. Us Chinese and Koreans will serve NO good if we continue this silly and idiotic grudge against the Japanese or any other nation for that matter. It prove people like Artefact and Firetrbe so right, it will be considered fact. And I know we can’t have that can we. Being pent up for what was bad in the past is never going to help us for what’s in store that’s good in the future. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow for you but we should give up this childish thuggish act. And be happy that what Japan did then , is not happening now. I will not come off like a jerk and say “get over it” but I’m asking you not as a fellow Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or even Asian, but a fellow human being, please PLEASE let it GO. And if someone talks crap about you and your people over something like this (speaking for the GOOD Chinese and Koreans on this), DON’T RESPOND. Never let these people get to you. You don’t have to prove NOTHING to them. You know what you did. You are aware of your country and the events in her life. The culture, history, the ACTUAL truth, etc. If you know what you did good in your life and what your country did good in her life and have NO regrets, don’t show no regrets. Sadly, they won’t know that, and they probably NEVER will. Getting in to people like Narcissist and their pitiful, pathetic preschool games will make you no better neither. And I know you aren’t preschoolers are you? Just be glad that they are ranting their wasteful lives about this under a computer and not taking it to the streets just like the “noisy” Koreans, Chinese, and Japaneses are in the minority, especially in the internet despite popular misconception. so don’t worry. In conclusion, we are playing one of the biggest troll games of them all, and It’s getting us NOWHERE to winning. It’s like the saying goes: Arguing over the internet is like running in the special Olympics … even IF YOU win, You are still RETARDED. This can apply to outside life in this kind of situation as well. And in outside life, getting into each others throats is making Asia the new Europe. This over-nationalism in ALL countries in the topic are ALL to blame. No more NO less. Aren’t we ALL human?

    I know this comment-essay is hella long but it’s been bugging me for the longest and I can’t hold back on NOTHING. Also people must learn from this and the mistakes we made. I will expect criticism for this and I accept this. But I hope that everyone can agree with me on this notion. The further it is we concentrate on a dark past, the harder it is for us to make a bright future. So to anyone and everyone in sankakucomplex and the internet in general that is read my comment, I give you this cliche, yet misunderstood line:

    “Cant we ALL just get along?”

    Please, Please respond!!!


    ~Have a nice FUCKING DAY~

    • Anonymous says:

      Hippocrates they be!
      We can BASH KOREA AND CHINA ALL WEE WANT because they deserve it
      Japan is the GREATEST nation in the earth no, the universe. In fact, putting it into words does not do its greatness any justice at all. Just submit to their greatness. The chinese (CHINKS) AND koreans (GOOKS) ARE LIARS and less then human beneath pigs no ants. Anyone who disagrees should DIE a horrible death.

  • GUNSPECTRE says:

    As a Korean-American born in the States, reading this just made me laugh. When I see the occasional “Dokdo Island is 4 Korea” march here, it just pisses me off. Again, as many mentioned beforehand, these crazies are the old, ULTRA-conservatives that just don’t know when to shut up. Of course, there are groups like that in Japan, but Korean’s tend to have a louder voice. They get what they want or die trying, hence the street riots and stuff.
    So, what am I trying to say? It’s just like that saying: a few rotten apples tend to ruin the basket. There is a lot of cultural sharing between the liberal parties who think, “What happened during the occupation and WWII doesn’t matter anymore.” Those people are pretty mature. Last time I’ve heard, there was a boom of Korean music and stuff in Japan. And I’ve heard of a project where they send Japanese schoolboys to Korea.
    As for me, I give those crusty, ultra-conservative Koreans a Big F-Bomb. The enemy isn’t the average-Joe Korean, it’s the old grandma and the grandpa. 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      FUCK YOU
      We can BASH KOREA AND CHINA ALL WEE WANT because they deserve it
      Japan is the GREATEST nation in the earth no, the universe. In fact, putting it into words does not do its greatness any justice at all. Just submit to their greatness. The chinese (CHINKS) AND koreans (GOOKS) ARE LIARS and less then human beneath pigs no ants. Anyone who disagrees should DIE a horrible death.

  • Japan is the GREATEST nation in the earth no, the universe. In fact, putting it into words does not do its greatness any justice at all. Just submit to their greatness. The Koreans (GOOKS) ARE LIARS and less then human beneath pigs no ants. Anyone who disagrees should DIE a horrible death.

    • wow that must hurt for the other koreans that dont actually get involved. this is a very touchy subject to ponder over, i see that alot of ppl’s opinions are generalizing korea as a whole, not just the gov-
      its like punching someone in a crowd.

  • I know Koreans are hostile against Japan and the Japanese . Because they are jealous of Japan’s wealth and status in International community .
    Koreans are really immature . That’s the reason why Koreans haven’t been able to get the Nobel Prize and the Fields Prize . All they can do is pulling other countries’ legs . I can’t understand why they got furious just about a piece of animation .
    Sons of Kim Jyon-Il !

    • From what I see, if Koreans have been investing their energy into social developments and technical educations rather than bickering and blabbing, they may have far surpassed Japan by year 2000. Its sad to see how much energy was wasted for being a hippie.

  • >>they have also claimed, kendo, Japanese sword, sushi, tea ceremony, kabuki and some Japanese festivals are all origin of Korea and it’s not true.

    All Your Culture Are Belong To Us

    They even clame
    America was Korean Territory
    Jesus was from Korea!
    Koreans established Aztec, Inca civilizations
    Genghis Khan was Korean

  • Japanese government has been asking Korea to come to
    the International Court of Justice over Takeshima island territory issue for so long a time.
    Why not come to the court, instead of complaining
    on the joke anime?
    If you Korean ever win at the court, the issue will settle down once and for all.
    Don’t you agree, Korean, our neighbour people?

  • I know SOME artifacts found in Japan were from Korea but they have also claimed that Samurai,kendo,Japanese sword, sushi, tea ceremony,kabuki and some Japanese festivals are all origin of Korea and it’s not true. That’s the problem. And don’t worry they have announced
    that they are not going to put the Korean character in the anime.

  • Basically, the writer of this piece of crap article on this terrible site is a weeaboo who thinks Japan is superior.

    There are several reputable, scholarly publications, including those of Japanese origin that argue for Korean origins of Japanese culture. Some evidence to support these claims are that many Korean artifacts have been found in Japan.

    It’s just quite detestable how the writer considers this a “trifling” matter despite noting that there have been over 12,000 signatures on the petition.

    Oh, did I mention sankakucomplex is a terrible, weeaboo site, and if regularly read this, you’re weeaboo and terrible?

  • It’d be nice if everyone can take a joke or two.
    I was trying to have some laughs about Japan and Corea, and some Coreans got very angry.
    Corean nationalism may be strong, but it’s only a few people that causes these kinds of ruckus.

    Don’t sweat much about it, and take it easy.

  • haha funny to see westerns discussing this topic (i m chinese) dont know if u guys heard the other news, but the first news i read, it said the korean complained becuz the korean in the manga ” relies on US and japan, calls Chinese older brother, and believed all the types of cultures origin from korea”. ————— i want to say, IT IS SOOOOO TRUE !!!! XD

  • It says it’s nothing about any real countries mentioned.
    Just as you said,they are not such real things.So,if you think you are right,why should you so care about it?
    So,Please stop taking it too seriously.It’s just an anime about all jokes.
    Laugh and take it easy please.

  • I’m going to try be careful not to generalize / bring misunderstanding but in my personal opinion, Korean people are prideful and nationalist. Probably bit more zealous compare to some other nations. Personally, I feel that whoever made this statement is going too far as I don’t see this as big deal but I can sort of see why they react like this. Perhaps it’s about ruining culture/nation’s image, or leftover animosity from WWII. Even with newer generations leading country, old hatred won’t go away that easily.

    You might not be able to understand how could this relate to this small issue, but it certainly let Koreans be less open and react with rather unnecessary amount of seriousness.

  • “From the invasion of China in 1937 to the end of World War II, the Japanese military regime murdered near 3,000,000 to over 10,000,000 people, most probably almost 6,000,000 Chinese, Indonesians, Koreans, Filipinos, and Indochinese, among others, including Western prisoners of war.”

    Koreans need to get over it because I see 4 other nations not whining. It happened and all the bickering in the world won’t change whats done. MOVE ON.

  • I can understand if a bunch gets miffed about it (what country doesn’t have their extremists groups?), but I think they’re way overreacting, it’s a damn comic. Comics make fun of everything and their uncle, nothing will come of getting enraged about it.

    And yes I’m korean, but doesn’t mean I’m a douche like some of the people posting here and will go bashing other countries.

        • I’m a Pole and I’m not getting angry but
          after seeing this, nothing is going to surprise me now. I hope that author will try to avoid polish letters in names and surnames ( ł, ń, ś, ć, ż, ź ), I don’t think that he’ll be able to sort out issues with name/surname modification, but those errors are obvious only to poles – not Klara Gorski ( “i” in Górski tells you that person with this surname is male) but Klara Górska (”a” in Górska tells you that person with this surname is female). In Code Geass R2 was very similar case – one of the rounds was named Monika Kruszewski ( “i” and “a” things again” ). ‘Kays, ignore this grammar thing, think of it as a tittle-tattle

  • but you gotta admit that when all the characters are basically based on stereotypes that a show like this is gonna get some kind of heat from someone……. what?! the american is the only one with food? son of a biatch…. <<< kind of like that, its easy for someone to get upset over these kinds of things…… i gotta say that it looks pretty funny though.

  • lol at everyone in the comments acting like South Korea is butthurt for no good reason. Take a history class and you’ll learn why this might be a big deal to them. ..Then again you wouldn’t want to find out about the atrocities that your “OMGSOUKAWAIIDESUNESNIPPONBANZAI ^_____^” country has committed.

    • Freedom III says:

      You don’t see all of Africa raging against America about slavery, do you? How about Pearl Harbor? How about the Normandy Massacres? How about the countless other atrocities commited throughout Europe during WWII? How about the 11.4 MILLION Russian civilians killed? How about the 67 Japanese cities (we’re talking civilian targets, not military installations) carpet-bombed and fire-bombed during the war (my home town was bombed twice)?

      Remember those that aren’t with us any more, learn the lessons that are there to be learned, and live with the memories. But never allow those memories lead you to disgrace your family and country, or instill further hatred between humans. If you cannot do that, you have read through history while learning nothing from it.

      • Look, Artefact, normally you write your “news” articles with both sides in mind and I enjoy them quite a bit but this story comes off as a BIT biased. This article only shows you poking fun at the Koreans and shows no regards to their history. Yes, there has been atrocities and tragedies in war, however, Japan still refuses to live up to it. My cousins who went to high school in Japan tells me how they conveniently don’t teach things like Rape of Nanking in details. Though this particular manga/anime isn’t a “big deal” to most of us, I’m sure it’s just a way of adding salt to their wounds.

        • What makes me so sad about Korea jumping for the jugular on the Hetalia thing is that I honestly believe that Hetalia may be a key for making Japan actually accept it’s own history.

          For once, someone in Japan is writing something that ACKNOWLEDGES real world history and doesn’t gloss over the horrible things Japan has done. And because it’s a comedy/satire, Japanese people are reading it and LEARNING.

          Comedy usually paves the way for social change.

        • I never even mentioned the history of WWII, so you’re clearly projecting whatever it is you’re looking for onto the article.

          If you’re looking for sympathy for Korean hyper-nationalism, you won’t find it here. Korea is a nation in tragic denial.

  • Oh cry more, if the Koreans complaining about this experienced the kind of criticism Americans get, they’d all collectively kill themselves. It’s time to buck up and learn to pee while standing up.

  • Actually… Korea and Japan have been in a bit of a bout since around 2004 over the islands of Dokdo/Takeshima… It’s a really sensitive issue in both areas cause they’re going into historical records and stuff to prove that they own the island so I can understand where the complaints are coming from.

    But.. the hype has started to die down a little (to the point that I don’t know what’s going on with the natural-gas and fish-enriched island anymore) but there are still some… er… over-passionate Koreans and Japanese revolving around the subject…

  • antimateria says:

    It would be fun if those hot-blooded frenchmen find out about this. France gropes everyone all the time and not only their breasts. Uh oh. Really, every country would have a reason to boycot this if they were to pay enough attention. Poland is a crossdresser, America is ignorant and self-centered, Russia is yandere and so is her sister Belarus, Switzerland wants to shoot everyone while in real life it is very internse about its image as a neutral nation…. My counrty is overly naïve shota and gay for Sweden. Shows how very loosely this is based around WWII. Koreans are just touchy about everything.

  • I myself being a korean, understand as to why they are doin this. But nonetheless, that is still a stupid reason. There are centuries of deep hatred between the Japanese and Korean, if you are interested in why, wiki, its all there, but even still…its stupid to cancel the series, if anything, I think Japanese animation creators are trying to form a stronger bond between the two nations.

      • I don’t think the current generation should hate Japan, what have they done to you personally? Unless you were directly involved, hatred towards people for what their ancestors have done to yours is immature thinking. BTW 나한국사람이야.

    • Zelgadis4tw says:

      Obviously they are, or else Korea would be a character in the anime as well. It’s rather unreasonable that they are demanding the cancelation of a series that hasn’t even aired yet though…I do almost see where they are coming from though.

  • Hetalia makes fun of Koreans neither North nor South. They have no reason to complain. Calm the flip down.

    …Or maybe no? Get canceled and brace for impact of a swarm of raging fangirls? The choice is obvious.

    Where is this petition?

    • Am I the only one who wants to see Japan build a new Yamato and park it just outside the Liancourt rocks? That should show those worthless Koreans who the superior country is.

      And really, you should stop saying “Korea”. There is no “Korea”. It is either South Korea or North Korea. South Korea at least has something similar to a civilized country, while North Korea on the other hand is a totally fucked up wasteland lower than the third world.

        • America had every right to kill japs. The japs are a brutal ignorant vicious group who committed war crimes just as bad as the Holocaust. I am thankful that the japs got nuked. oh, and Narcissist, you are a fucking bitch who has no respect for any other culture than your own. Death to japan, death to japanese culture, death to japanese arrogance.
          Long live freedom
          Long live democracy
          Long Live Korea

        • doublebubbletrouble says:

          tl;dr: Those regimes weren’t Communism because Real Communism is FAIL and unpossible in RL. That is because people on the whole are naturally greedy, ego-centric little shits, myself included. Also, what should the United States have done? Narcissist, you still around?

          Barking up the wrong tree. I am a realist. I will readily agree that Real Communism will never succeed; Marx was a total hack and pulled that shitty copout by not describing what a Communist society would look like. Real Communism is nothing more than a curiosity or interesting thought experiment, and I will laugh hysterically in the face of anyone suggesting that Communism is a viable system of governance.

          That is because real Communism will never work on a large scale. Communism is not compatible with human nature, namely individualism. People want stuff to be their own. People want to be able to control things. People want decision making abilities. Aha! you say, that’s exactly the problem. No, it isn’t. In a hypothetical Communist state, people would be willing to compromise and defer to the desires of others. Not completely submit, mind you; the others would agree to their wants on other occasions. That occurs everyday. Think of people voluntarily giving up their seats on the subway for the elderly or pregnant. Think of an apartment with three roommates, sharing groceries, utilities, and the like. Think of Quaker communities. These are nowhere near perfect examples, but I hope they illustrate what I’m getting at. With smaller units or groups, it is possible (not necessarily probable, but possible) to achieve a compromise on each issue with a talk or meeting. If someone disagrees, they are free to move out or leave the group. Should they decide to just stop paying rent or trash the apartment on the way out, there will be an external compulsion in the form of an enforceable contract (written or verbal) or the police. In normal situations, however, very little central authority is necessary. You don’t nominate a head roommate to decide what meals to cook and jobs to apply for/work at, do you?

          However, on the larger scale, it would be nearly impossible to keep society in order without some system for decision-making. And there will be people to fill these roles. And sometimes you have individuals who will perform quite selflessly and do a good job. But on other occasions you will have people who are out for their own gain who will abuse their power. And with the people not in positions of power, sometimes they will go along with decisions that they might not perhaps agree with, for some theoretical “greater good”, or at least properly managed greed (You do this now by paying taxes to pay for police and fire departments). But other individuals will not. They will dissent, they will rebel. And if Authority were to simply let them go, then it becomes a matter of weakening the state, with people simply leaving whenever they don’t agree with a decision. Theoretically this could work; let people leave and the true believers stay. This just comes back to my assertion that large-scale Communism would never work. The only other choice would be to compel them to go along, in the name of the “greater good”. It is at THAT point where individual liberties are compromised. However, it is also at that point that we’ve left the framework of Real Communism.

          But I digress. Again, what strategic actions should the United States have taken in the late 40s – hell, I’ll give you the early 50s as well if you feel you really need them to come up with a good plan.

          @Narcissist: Hey, we’re having a dialogue of history and politics. Want to join in?

        • doublebubbletrouble says:

          First, please don’t call those regimes “communist”. They were totalitarian states hiding behind a facade of acting for the good of the people, nothing more, nothing less.

          Second, you haven’t answered my question yet, so I’ll be flexible and rephrase my question per your reply: please define “confronting it more vigorously”. At the very least, what strategic actions would that entail?

        • For a long time, even into the Cold War, the Americans had absolute superiority in nuclear weapons and could have dealt with the USSR. Given the countless millions communism has killed and enslaved, and threat that power posed to the free world, I am not convinced they did the right thing by not confronting it more vigorously when they had the chance.

        • doublebubbletrouble says:

          @Artefact: Setting aside the fact that the United States was not in any condition to take on the Soviets during the non-nuclear Soviet period (post-Great War isolationism anybody? Great Depression? weak military?), are you seriously suggesting that the United States should have taken out the Soviets in the four years between when Americans had proven their design worked (mid 1945) and the Soviets performed their own test (mid 1949), which was more of an engineering task than a theoretical one, since their designs were stolen wholesale from the Manhattan Project? Then there was that little problem of, you know, rebuilding devastated Europe (Marshall Plan?), and the fact that the United States would have had to go it alone.

          What sort of action would you propose for removing the Soviets, short of total nuclear annihilation? Look up the Battle of Stalingrad and Leningrad, as well as the casualties suffered by the Soviet Army. At that time the Soviets fought with the mindset that a 10:1 death:kill ratio was acceptable, as long as they could drive out the Germans. What sort of non-nuclear force do you think America could bring to bear against that? And if you WOULD seriously suggest that the US should have thrown its entire nuclear arsenal at them (which wasn’t even all that numerous at the time), even while knowing the effects of nuclear fallout and damning millions of innocent civilians to a grisly death by radiation poisoning (which they DIDN’T at the time)… well, I’m an atheist, but if I’m wrong and there is a Judeo-Christian God, may He have mercy on your soul, good sir.

          @Narcissist: Why yes, I have. Have YOU studied any period of human history besides the Cold and Korean Wars, and in more than a purely military perspective? The internal affairs of countries are just as interesting you know.

        • The really scary thing here to be honest is that people really don’t seem to know what me and Artefact are talking about.
          There are many very respected people who has expressed regret that the U.S. didn’t act when they could.

          Haven’t you studied the Cold War and the Korea War (which are very related) in school? Or at home at least?

          History and Society studies is really interesting you know.

        • doublebubbletrouble says:

          @Narcissist: Riiiiight, the US would have no problem steamrolling North Korea and China. Not like pre-communism schism USSR would care about the decimation of a friendly (in the early 50s) Soviet nation. Sure, let’s do as MacArthur said and start dumping bombs all the way to Beijing. It’s not like the Soviets had nukes by then. Oh, wait, they had nuclear weapons? Nah, not a big deal.

          And for your information, before the war, it was the northern part of Korea that was the more industrialized and modern part of Korea. Only after decades of isolation and stagnation did that region become the hellhole it is today. By the way, I’ll continue to use Korea, thank you, as the only reason there is a North and South Korea is because the US didn’t act fast enough to prevent strong Soviet influence in the northern part of the peninsula.

          Before I forget: What the hell is that red flag with stars there, and where is the flag of the Republic of China?

        • Actually, I quite agree that America’s policy towards the communist states of East Asia has proven disastrous (not that I’m interested in condemning or condoning any other views espoused here); they should really have acted against them when they had the chance.

          And when I refer to Korea, I’m of course referring to the one legitimate government of the Korean peninsular, which resides in Seoul.

        • Meh. Japan’s harmless really. They swore to never utilize nuclear weaponry since the war and I’ve no doubt they will keep that promise. They have a defense force but what of it? The nation’s about the size of California. I doubt they would be so brazen as to try and invade another country again less they want to ruin the relations they have established with the US since the end of the war. If that weren’t enough, America’s placed a ludicrous amount of bases all over the country for reasons I’ve yet to understand.

        • What are you left-wing people crying about? I hope you do not have anything to say regarding what I said about South and North Korea, because it couldn’t be more true.

          And regarding Yamato, it is all a matter of opinion. Personally I do not have much over for South Korea even though it has become a somewhat acceptable country.
          I wish that Japan would increase its military power (and show it off), too much worthless countries these days and WWIII could break out any day. Japan needs to be ready to crush North Korea and probably China too when the day comes.

          My blood boils when I think about how idiotically the Americans acted pre-WWII. They should not have interfered with Japans military takeover of China. Japan had one-third, the nationalists one-third and and the communists one-third. Thanks to the U.S. supporting the nationalists Japan lost their advantage, the nationalists had to flee to Taiwan and China is since then communists…
          And then during the Korea war the U.S. once again had the chance to crush communist China once and for all after they had taken control of entire Korea, but no no instead of listning to the advice of war-hero and the Korea-war commander General MacArthur (who has forced to leave his position of general because Truman demanded it), President Truman insisted that they would leave China alone which later resulted in that North Korea was once again lost and the south Koreans together with the Americans had to pull back to South Korea, keeping the Demilitarized Zone status quo even today…

          So it pretty much means that it is ex-president Trumans (one of the most hated presidents ever, mind you) and the Americans fault that China and North Korea are the fucked up countries they are today…