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“Lie Buster” Busted for Lying


A TV programme purporting to bust lies has itself been busted for lying.

The show, ウソバスター / Uso Buster (Lie Buster), purported to concern itself such searching questions as “If you massage a Satsuma, will it sweeten?”, along with uncovering the wicked half-truths and outright fallacies spread on the Internet, which as any TV viewer will know is far less reliable than the unerring wisdom of the mass media.

The show, produced by Asahi TV, gave special attention to individual blogs, the fascinating claims of which it “busted” as lies.


However, it was not long before 2channers noted the dates the target articles were posted on: 2008-12-10 03:00:54  2008-12-10 03:37:38 2008-12-10 01:47:03

The sites themselves strangely no longer exist.

Add to this the scant number of comments on, or links to, the blogs, and it looks like this was a night’s work for a “researcher” on the show.

The irony of a TV show purporting to quash misinformation on the Internet actually being based on such and actively creating it hardly needs to be pointed out. Perhaps they should stick to inventing ero-sports?

Naturally, 2ch is delighted by all this.

Via Itai News.

It’s easy to understand the antipathy the traditional mass media feels towards a plurality of views becoming available by way of the Internet (not that it is easy to sympathise with such obsolescent media), but such actions hardly seem to help their cause…

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