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Haruhi Season 2 Due (Says Newspaper)


There will be a second season of the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, says major rag Mainichi. For details, see Newtype, they say.

The almost surreal marketing efforts surrounding Haruhi seem to have become yet more convoluted with this.

On the one hand, many are quick to point out that surely they are jumping the gun in reporting an announcement of an announcement a month in advance? Should the announcement turn out to be marketing fun and games they will have made themselves a laughingstock.

On the other hand, many wonder if perhaps Mainichi have reason to be confident; possibly they have behind the scenes assurances of what may transpire?

Mainichi may have a damaged reputation, but they are still a major, respectable newspaper, so from this perspective it is a little implausible that they would make fools of themselves by reporting a non-story; making a Haruhi related error also seems unlikely given the announcement comes from their anime section, which is able to follow these matters professionally.

Whatever the case, Newtype have secured a major marketing coup either way โ€“ now they have national newspapers reporting on their vague announcement of a possible new series announcement.

Haruhi marketing at its finest.

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