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Complete Famicom Game Collection Selling for $7,200


A Mandarake store in Tokyo is selling what is billed as a “Famicom (NES) Complete Cartridge Set” for ¥650,000 ($7,200). The set contains 1,051 different cartridges and is reported as having every Famicom ROM cartridge commercially sold.

It is a pity they are Famicom games and not compatible with the Super Famicom that recently went on sale for $5,500, as that combination would have been enough to cement a gaming otaku’s credentials for life…

The collection was put on display January 10 at the Mandarake Complex store in Chiyoda (relatively close to Akihabara).

The set includes 11 years worth of Famicom games, starting from the 1983 release date of the console to the last officially licensed game ever made in 1994.


The display virtually doubles as a museum gallery for those interested in retro gaming…


The price tag.


Super Mario Bros., the sequel to the original 1983 Mario Bros. arcade game.


Rockman 2, better known as Mega Man 2 internationally.

Via Akiba Blog.

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