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Macross F Movie Dumps Ranka & Sheryl for Klan Klein?


The much talked about Macross Frontier movie may dump songstress favourites Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome in favour of Klan Klein as leading role, claims Newtype…

The news comes by way of interviews given with the director and other production staff in Newtype, and Newtype goes so far as to emblazon the doubts on their cover (doubtless a shrewd marketing move).

The director himself is clearly a Klan fan: “I’d like to make a TV series with Klan”. Others go on to talk about how appreciators of Klan will be well served in the movie edition, with an expansion of her role.

However, they are sparing with the details, and it looks as if Ranka and Sheryl will manage to retain the limelight, especially as we are given to understand the movie will be partially a recap.

Some speculate that Klan may get a new segment to herself, whilst the main story is unchanged… Whatever the case, it looks like fans of the character will be well served.

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