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How To Make An Ita-PC


This interesting video details one approach to making a desktop ita-PC, a PC whose moe qualities (or more likely, obsessively involved construction) induce pain in the viewer, as with an itasha. In this case, a rather tsundere Zero no Tsukaima design is opted for…

The total cost, including the case, came to about ยฅ13,000, and it took some 5 hours to make, with a week of preparations.

The video is basically visually self explanatory:

Player 1


Of course, it is possible to take a much more involved approach than this, but the results here seem quite satisfactory. See also the Strike Witches ita-notebook.

The maker has also turned his hand to creating an ita-keyboard guide to go with it…

Those looking for suitable images (Zero no Tsukaima or otherwise) will find them on the Channel

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