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Sayori’s Megurine Luka


New Vocaloid Megurine Luka is drawn spectacularly here by Sayori / Neko Works, with whom you may by now be familiar with. It is interesting to see how the established portrayal of Luka has already started to set, with a sharper, more mature look being preferred.

If the colour of her pantsu is not to your liking, you can modify it freely using the PSD file Sayori kindly provides.

Luka is also now usually thought of as being on the far S end of the SM scale, often being portrayed whip in hand, and sometimes menacing the other Vocaloids – surely artists will find this an stimulating line to pursue…

You can see (and own) some of Sayori’s fine works in MikuMiku / KiraKira dakimakura form, or examine  her portfolio on Pixiv or the Channel. Her homepage is here.

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