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Code Geass Villetta Nu Mizugi Ero-Figure


A new offering from Alpha Omega, this figure displays Code Geass‘ Villetta Nu in her fetching swimsuit outfit from episode 5 of the second season.

Perhaps wearing thigh-high stockings with a swimsuit is a future trend in Area 11?

The figure, ヴィレッタ・ヌゥ 水泳部カフェVer. / Villetta Nu Swimming Club Cafe Ver., is a 1/8 PVC figure from Alpha Omega and is sculpted by 稲垣洋 / Hiroshi Inagaki. Inagaki is probably best known for his Alter Haruhi, another fine looking figure.




Villetta looks quite appealing, and such a dark skin tone does help set her apart from most other figures out there (until we get a Macademi Wasshoi! figure of Tanarotte).


The overall sculpt seems great, and her face looks spot-on, although I am not sure about the large bang’s seamlines and how the hairstyle appears from behind.


Villetta also comes with this removable pink jacket, which perhaps doubles as a life-preserver with hidden inflatable air baloons.



This Villetta figure will become available in April for around ¥6,000, an excellent price for a figure of this quality.

International customers will be able to pick her up at Hobby Search or Play-Asia.

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