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Toradora! 3D Custom Girl Ero-Chaos


An enterprising fan of Toradora! has created 3D Custom Girl likenesses of the series’ three female leads and taken the rather obvious next step of making a short video of the 3D girls engaged in various ero antics.

Some of the highlights are: Minorin fellating a stick, sukumizu Taiga on a riding machine, Ami performing ashikoki on the stick (after presumably stealing it from Taiga), and maid Minorin mysteriously making use of a riding machine whilst on her back on a table…

Some screencaps from the video:





Player 1


The first two minutes are mostly a modelling display, so you’ll have to wait to get to the choice bits.

The creator notes seifuku (school uniform) Taiga is wearing her oppai pads, which are removed when she’s in sukumizu. Also, judicious use of the volume control might be required in the beginning section.

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