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Platonic Heart Torn Clothing Schoolgirl Ero-Figure


The recent OVA series “Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~” has come out with the latest good in its multi-pronged media project, a cast-offable figure of buxom schoolgirl Aya Iseshima.

Since news of the martial-arts fighting girls series (ala Sekirei and Ikkitousen) seems to not have reached many ears internationally, a short run-down of the series and screens from the anime are also provided, below…

The promised summary:

Zettai Shougeki (Absolute Impact) ~Platonic Heart~ is a media project co-run by several companies including otaku goods company Cospa, figure maker Yamato, music label Lantis and anime distributor Shochiku.

You can see the rather gorgeous character CGs released previously, and the exceedingly erotic dakimakura was also a telling indicator of the direction of the series.

The focal point of the project is the 5-part OVA series (produced by ARMS) which started in October 2008 and is scheduled to end this February, but was accompanied by a near simultaneous release of a manga serialization (running in Comic Hai!) music CDs, UMD  game software, dakimakura and so forth.

The main storyline follows a special jewel, the “Platonic Heart”, which must be fought over by 11 chosen young women. The rationale for the female-centric plot is easy to understand, since the focus of the series is the sort of well-endowed fighting while underdressed service best represented by the likes of Kanu Unchou. Platonic Heart takes this a step further by ensuring a variety of character types serve every taste…

As the original character designer is none other than Happoubi Jin, an illustrator probably best known for the very popular Boin eroge series, seeing the various girls’ clothing explode as if they were made of rice paper is a very enticing prospect…





The official website released this short promo a few months ago:

Now, on to the actual figure – The SIF EX 絶対衝激~プラトニックハート~ 伊勢島 綾 1/7 / SIF EX Zettai Shougeki Aya Iseshima 1/7 figure is a PVC figure in (unsurprisingly) 1/7 scale. It is produced by Yamato and sculpted by Zenko who is probably best known for the Nagi Mizugi Ver. figure from WAVE.

First, the figure with clothes fully cast-on…




Enough of the cast-on, let us continue to the real draw of the figure:







Very nice, isn’t she? The tiny bandage is a nice, cute touch.


For those curious in her how her tight-fitting clothes cast off so well, here is the trick:



The Aya Iseshima 1/7 figure is already available for about ¥6500 from stores such as AmiAmi; it seems to be a harder find at international stores, but Play-Asia promises  to have the figure in stock in February.

The rest of the cast-off photos are viewable at hobby – toy -web; more anime screenshots are at

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