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Hikikomori Murders Father Rather Than Face World


A schoolboy hikikomori who shut himself away from the world became so disquieted at the prospect of ending his hermit lifestyle, after his father resolved to help him by ending his hikikomori lifestyle, that he stabbed him to death.

The boy (17), who was attending a correspondence high school, had apparently shut himself in several months previously, but his father (54) objected and resolved to break his isolation.

However, this had tragic consequences, as his son evidently could not abide the prospect and one day took a kitchen knife and stabbed his father in the back; the deed done, he called 119, saying bluntly “I stabbed my father in the back with a kitchen knife”.

Police soon arrived and arrested him on the spot for assault. His father was conveyed to hospital but died all the same, and the charges were soon elevated to murder.

Clearly this is an example of hikikomori behaviour taken to tragic extremes, although of course we do not hear of what sort of actions the father was taking – it is not unthinkable that he was behaving in an extreme manner too, though of course this hardly justifies patricide.

Via ZakZak.

It’s not clear whether prison is compatible with a hikikomori lifestyle, so his actions are puzzling.

State plans to force hikikomori into tax-paying occupations may prove more dangerous than might be thought…


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