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Schoolboy Raeps Schoolgirl, Steals $3 for Cigarettes


A middle schooler has been arrested after forcing himself upon an older girl at a carpark, and then robbing her of ¥300 to buy cigarettes with.

The boy, a third year middle schooler (15), was first arrested for approaching highschooler (18) on her way home one evening in November, and grabbing her breasts on the street.

He was arrested and charged with indecent assault in December.

After his arrest, it emerged by way of admission that this was not his first such offence.

It seems one September morning he came upon another high school girl (16), who he grabbed by the hand and dragged to a nearby carpark, where he had his way with her.

The brutal deed done, saying “I want to buy cigarettes”, he then robbed her of ¥300.

He has been charged with both the violation and with mugging.

It is not clear why he confessed to the earlier incident, or whether this crime was actually reported or merely proved too difficult for police to solve.

Via Mainichi.

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