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New Haruhi TV Anime Details Due


The February edition of Newtype promises “big news about the Suzumiya Haruhi TV anime” in the March edition. All speculation focuses on this being regarding the hugely anticipated and much belated second series.

Fans have immediately split into two raging camps, those who regard this as provocation designed to stimulate interest about some lesser event, or perhaps a pathetic tidbit along the lines of Haruhi’s new hairstyle, and those who think this to be the One True Announcement heralding the airdates for the new series.


Given the incredible vapidity of most Haruhi marketing and the unfavourable ratio of gimmicks and publicity stunts to actual news of import, the more sceptical observers do have a point. However, it seems to be “about time”  for the anime (that is to say, people are going to start forgetting about it and not caring soon, even the author has stopped churning out books).

Still, it seems they couldn’t get away with, for example, announcing a repeat or some such as being “big news”, could they? Not without bringing a torch wielding mob down upon themselves…

More sly and irrelevant material designed to incite fan speculation and anticpation, or actual news regarding the almost mythical new season?


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