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Bath Towel Nagato Nearly Tops 2008 Famitsu (+Nude Filter)


The image you see above came close (third in fact) to topping gaming rag Famitsu’s most popular articles for 2008, being beaten out only by a story on the PSP-3000 and one on SF IV, proving beyond doubt, as if there were any, that Nagato Yuki is vastly more appealing than all but the PSP and Chun Li’s thighs.

Perhaps unsatisfied by this, an unknown Photoshop Master provides a remastered version in higher quality below, but in a mistake worthy of a fail gallery forgets to include the actual bath towel! Almost as bad as Tony


How embarrassing. Let us also pass over the lack of toenails.

The article in question, cunningly entitled ババ、バスタオル姿!? 『涼宮ハルヒの戸惑』 / In a Ba-Ba-Bath Towel!? “Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi”, previews the cookie cutter adventure game of the title, released in the January of 2008, and is probably of no interest whatsoever save for Nagato’s underdressed presence.

You can see it here; you can also see the result of the list, which consists mostly of Final Fantasy and handheld related news, here.

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