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TV Censorship: It Could Be Worse…


This unfortunate image of the state of Kallen‘s breasts in the Japanese DVD and TV versions of Code Geass, versus the American TV version, illustrates that although the  currently popular tactic of censoring TV broadcasts to provide something cheap and saucy to put on the DVD is odious enough, at least nobody in Japan has any serious moral objections to oppai on their screens…

Semi-uncensored Code Geass goes along these lines, certainly tame, but unlikely to sit well with US broadcasters:



Perhaps  American broadcasters will one day find a place  for such material? Probably not?

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  • It’s post like this that really show the stupidity of the anime fandom.

    1) Adult Swim / Cartoon Network. Does not control the content of the shows they buy, they don’t edit anything, they don’t dub anything.

    2) You’re complaining about a blur? While the rest of the show is uncut?

    3) What was the purpose of this blog entry?
    How many “outraged” fans, actually intend to buy the DVD?


    And this is the most worn out tired argument on the net, and I’m getting sick of it.

    “America: where we’re OK with showing kids how people are killed, but not how they’re made.” – by zonic505

        • Usually networks have their own set of rules.
          It’s quite mixed up, and no one does the same thing twice.

          I agree that “culture is not above criticism”
          But people seem to focus on one as being the main problem. When every culture is different.

        • I really don’t care.

          If a DVD is uncut, then what are the complaints about? Even anime airing in Japan is censored. A manga to anime can completely cut out what was in the manga to make it suitable on TV.

          Every country has their own standards for what can be show on television. To focus on one as the end all evil, is just stupid to me.

          I like anime, just not enough to kick and scream about not being able to see animated boobs.
          I can be disappointed with censorship or edits, but I will never be angry about it.

          What annoys me, is that people think the anime airing on networks, are censored by the people who work on the network. And that isn’t true.
          Bandai bought the rights to CG – they are not editors or dubbers of the show. That is an entirely different studio.

          CN doesn’t give a crap about cleavage showing on daytime TV.

  • HellsShadow says:

    Gawd i remember looking up the japanese episode to see what i missed, because of the censorship and i remember the huge disappointment it gave me when i realized that there wasnt really anything under that blur. I felt like shooting adult swim right in the face.

    • Anonymous says:

      From my perspective the reason the U.S doesn’t censor violence but they censor nudity and language is due to conditioning. Nudity and foul language have no real practical use in society. But violence on the other hand does.

      Based on this site: “The average child will watch 8,000 murders on TV before finishing elementary school. By age eighteen, the average American has seen 200,000 acts of violence on TV, including 40,000 murders.”

      My rational here is that all this violence on TV is to condition people starting in their youth to be desensitized to violence. This can be used as a practical application when recruiting for the military. Throw a person raised on american TV into a war and the sight of blood, death, violence can be tolerated by their mind. Throw a person who was not raised on TV’s violence into a war and chances are good their mind won’t be able to handle such violence and they will end up a vegetable or something, hence they would not make good soldiers.

      Nudity and swearing don’t have such practical applications that I can think of. So it’s censored. If violence didn’t have this practical use I am almost sure it would be censored as well. It’s all about society’s way of molding the minds of the people. ALL aspects of TV, not just violence has some from of subconscious conditioning. (whether it’s intentional or not). I think violence in america has been around so long and is so common place that people accept is as normal. They don’t even perceive it at a conscious level.

  • KajunBowser says:

    It’s not surprising. Sure, add more steam into the shot, but the fact of the matter is that America has censorship problems and they don’t focus on the major censorship problems. We seem to only care when children could see or hear it, it’s for political expediency, or to be an absolute douchebag and get 15 mins of fame.

    The way they treat anime in general is criminal, dub or sub. Hell, you got shows on TV now that should raise outrage, but they can’t touch the big corps. because they have D.C. in their back pockets. But just a little top, nipple-less boob makes them further blur it out in Code Geass; Family Guy had an episode where they went out of their way to animate side-boob moments, not a peep. You can’t even order manga from Japan anymore without being concerned whether the po-po show up @ your door because someone in customs thinks a 20 year old in a provocative situ looks like s/he is 15, like some guy in Iowa found out.

    It’s gonna get worse before it gets better, and we’ve got four years to see just how bad.

  • useless parents that don’t want to raise there own children is the problem.. i have an aunt that just sits her kids in front of the tv with CN on ignores them.. and tehn she’ed be the type to get pissed if they show or say something… sad sad world

  • shirokiryuu says:

    I honestly don’t mind censoring anime, as long it’s not detrimental to the plot. But still, I still more objectional stuff on a episode of say.. Desperate Housewives that airs waay earlier than Code Geass

  • You guys are still lucky in Thailand they censors the DVD too…
    Gun/boobs/alcohol(including signs)/cigarette is censored
    (even Van Gogh smoking pipe is censored)

    When was the last time I turn on my TV -*-

    • Comparing CN/AS’s censorship to that of 4Kids is going way to far. No, I don’t like censorship either way, but do the above images actually change how you’d perceive the show?
      Is the actual point of the show different because Kallen’s breasts were really obscured? It isn’t. Not that big of a deal at all.

      Despite being legally a different network now, [AS] is still airing on a Children’s station. They don’t do this to just to spite fans of the show, they do it to cover their own ass for possible lawsuits. Which is why they air that disclaimer before every show.

      If not for Adult Swim, I probably would have never watched Geass at all. Didn’t seem worth the time when it was first being subbed. But, I have come to like the series now.

      • Yeah, Alls they gotta do is slap a TV-MA on it and not censor anything… That covers them from any potential lawsuits. FX Networks does it w/ Nip/Tuck and Dirt and The Shield… and those are Live Action, not cartoon/anime. Problem is, they’re too scared and don’t have the balls to do it.

  • Anyone who watches animu on cable is fucking retarded in the first place. Not necessarily for the weeaboo reason that sub is always superior to dub, there are arguments against that, but animation pretty much everywhere in the western world is, as someone said before, looked upon as cartoons, an advent for children. The only way you’re going to see a 2D tit before the end of the decade on most western programs is if it’s on something like Showtime or Cinemax at a time later than 10pm.

  • serene_zone says:

    that is part of the reason why i rarely watch american television. its garbage, as stated above it ok for a kid to watch violence and hate but you better not let them catch a glimpse of a nipple-less tit. not to mention vince constantly tryin to sell me a shamwow.

    oh well i never really depended on television to watch my favorite anime anyway.

    • Why blame an almost 2000 year dead Martyr?

      I’d rather blame His hypocritical, self-serving, moralfag followers.

      They say that several calendars from the ancient world portray the year 2012 as being a major point for Humanity. If it’s the start of the Apocalypse or Armageddon, then it can’t come soon enough.

      • I think you mean puritan ideals. Look at Germany, quite a protestant nation itself. One German TV commercial for shower gel a few years ago featured a huge crowd of butt naked adults running around in the rain, with boob and butt shots galore, and nobody so much as batted an eyelid. This commercial was aired during afternoon timeslots, too (during broadcasts of The Simpsons, for example), when children would be likely to be watching.

    • Problem here is that the TV networks are afraid of getting sued by some group of femanazis or investigated by the FCC.

      I dont think the main concern of the groups is the actual showing of skin its the objectification of women which is kinda dumb considering anime offten objectifies them far less than 90% of the MSM.

      the other problem is the femanazis shouldn’t be allowed to complain at all if you dont want your kids seeing it dont let them watch it its not that difficult its not like they go to school and watch this stuff its what they do in their free time or its what you let them do in their free time most of them flip on the TV to get the kids out of their hair if you are worried about what their watching then pay fucking attention better yet educate them. its not like thes shows are teaching them to have sex. which is more than i can say for alot of other shows on network tv.

      Protip:treat your kids like they are mature, and teach them to be mature, and they will act mature.

      okay im done rambaling if that made any sense then good if not then oh well

      • nooneofconsequence says:

        Politicians don’t care unless…

        1. They start receiving complaints from constituents.

        2. They start receiving money from their other constituents, lobbyists.

        3. They sense a cause they can jump on that can help either their reelection chances or status in government.

        And why are people making a fuss over censorship in a show that runs a late night time slot when there is a uncensored DVD release available through both legal and illegal channels?

        If the censored version was the only version available outside of Japan, then there would be a problem.

        • It’s not so much the censorship that’s the issue, it’s the hypocricy. It’s like Role said:

          ‘The US, despite being a cesspool of depravity, really puts an unproportionate focus on anything that shows skin. Put on a show that insults veterans, is riddled with blood gore and violence, and has a boob shot, and what gets all the attention? The boob shot. The MINOR thing.’

          Priorities are in the toilet. IOW, Public Nudity is anathema… everything else is fine lol.

          Sigh, desu~

    • Anonymous says:


      It happens when Parental Liberals and Conservatives are busy pushing their morals because they say it is morally wrong. It’ll happen so long as people don’t use their brains and feel the need for law to step in for ‘morals’ and kids.

    • Yeah, sure, conservatives.

      Forget that the Parents Music Resource Center was founded by Tipper Gore in 1985, Bill Clinton signed the Communications Decency Act in 1996, and Hilary Clinton lead the charge against [the hacked] Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

      Whenever censorship happens in the US make no mistake. There is typically one kind of person behind it: busybody nanny-state know-nothings on both sides of the coin.

  • That’s just awful. They could have at least gave that effect to the entire image and then it would have looked like she was behind a tinted shower door rather than some of the worst censoring I’ve seen.
    I also don’t see what the point is. There’s no nipples on display and this is aired on Adult Swim late at night…

    • Have you ever seen 4kid’s one piece? I have never seen a great anime such as that turned into a worthles pile of garbage. I watched that as a kid and i actually said “this show is crappy garbage”. Then mah friend told me to watch the jap one and i got addicted. But for me A KID they’re audience to think they’re show sucks…You know they fucked up.

    • they also cut out the scene right before it where the shot moves up Kallen’s body. Instead you just see it freeze in place at her feet and you can tell it’s a freeze then a cut of her head pops in and the scene continues. They also censored CC’s in R2 in the first episode as she awakens Lelouch’s memory.

    • Yeah, on their ADULT SWIM lineup. If you’re letting kids watch that, you FAIL as a parent. The US, despite being a cesspool of depravity, really puts an unproportionate focus on anything that shows skin. Put on a show that insults veterans, is riddled with blood gore and violence, and has a boob shot, and what gets all the attention? The boob shot. The MINOR thing.

      As such, I stand by my saying: “Never underestimate the stupidity of humanity.”

      • Heres my families take on the absurdity of censoreing in america (and yes i’m american) Blood gore go on kiddies it’s good for you. OMBFG IT’S A SIDE SHOT OF A BREAST HIDE THE KIDS CALL THE MILITARY WE MUST HUNT DOWN AND KILL THOSE CORRUPTING OUR CHILD THEY ARNE’T EVEN HUMAN. Thus the horror of censoring in america However the us dvd’s are still nice and uncenored well except for a few things things which are mainly translation problems like when kallen says in episode 2 or 3 i’llshow you what this mother fucker can do they just say mother. Total bs and paranoia. We have more problems with excessive violence than good old nude shots we’ll more like my parents with the vilence i say everything is golden. Just cause t’s on dosn’t mean i have to watc it.

  • psycholoner says:

    Probably not. Americans despite being such an open country toward uncensored pornography, they try to keep any obscene scenes or scenes of explicit nature off the television…well…at least within animated television shows. Cartoons are strictly made with children in mind because the stereotypical adult sees it as something like that. Americans sue and get sued for everything so I don’t think any licenser would have the guts to bring in anything risky.

    • Problem there, we’re so open towards violence, yet try to shelter our children from “THE CRIMES OF NUDITY”.

      People seriously need to grow up, studies have shown that the more exposure people get to things, they less likely they are to do it (there was a post here about that recently, in countries with lax laws towards loli, there were fewer cases of sexual assault on children — people get out their urges, rather than letting them stay pent up waiting to explode, is basic psychology)