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Schoolgirl Oppai $20 A Go


A man (66), who hired a 14-year-old schoolgirl’s breasts out to fondle on numerous occasions, has been arrested for violating child welfare laws.

The unemployed man was found to have repeatedly invited the girl into his home to conduct the exercise, where she sold access to her breasts to the man for the princely sum of ¥2000 a go.

The arrangement apparently came about when the man approached her and got talking, when she was a middle school student and soon after this she became a regular visitor to his apartment, for reasons we can only guess at.

The precise details of what else they got up to are not revealed.

The man for his part accepts the charges.

Via ZakZak.

Another case where we might wonder about the level of culpability of the schoolgirl… To say nothing of the fact that he might have managed a whole schoolgirl for $30 in the right prefecture by the looks of things.

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