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Idol Condemns Thong Wearing Child Idols as “Mortifying”


Former junior idol and current gravure idol 倉持結香 / Yuka Kuramochi (17, above), known for an episode in which she subdued a groper on a train with her karate skills, has decried the “extremisation” of young idols, some as young as 6, who can commonly be found wearing thongs and other titillating swimwear (illustrated above).

“I’m mortified when I see these young girls wearing T-backs” she says.

“Wearing T-backs and V-backs, wearing these invasive things… it just makes me think ‘there’s something wrong with this'”.


However, she’s not at all bothered about any moral considerations: “Wearing a T-back with such an undeveloped body just doesn’t look good at all. Wearing a normal swimsuit shapes their bodies much better than a T-back!”

She illustrates this with a picture of a girl posing alluringly in sukumizu (like so), drawn herself.

Kuramochi is pictured below:


She is as adept at using her fists as she is her curves to subdue men: in April of 2008, she was molested on a train, but rather than spinelessly enduring her ordeal as so many Japanese ladies are prone to do, she beat her assailant into submission using her karate skills and handed him over to police. She has apparently done the same on a number of other occasions too, setting a fine example.


Via Sponichi.

Judging from her blog, Kuramochi is no ordinary idol: it is readily apparent that she is an ardent fan of fighting novel/manga series 餓狼伝 / Garouden, as well as retro gaming and even Gundam models, and is pursuing an artistic education at an art college.

She also reveals that she suffers from Asperger’s syndrome (a mild form of autism)…

Kuramochi leaves us with something to dwell on: “Swimwear and school uniform appropriate to one’s age looks the best. What do you think about the ‘extremisation’ of junior idols?'”

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  • I find it quite interesting that she does not have moral qualms about the tiny idols (or at least those are not mentioned in the story). I was also wondering whether or not she simply wanted to trash-talk the (up and coming) competition, but of course saying “they don’t look good” is rather too weak for that, since it basically means “they don’t look good to me”. That’s fine, you’re not forced to buy the DVD. They look splendid to me and if I wasn’t worried about customs opening a package and doing slightly more than raising an eyebrow I might well order one. Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the be(er)holder. I don’t mind grown idols too much either, but the playfulness seems more natural with young ones and that’s what I personally like. A matter of taste, although I am sure there will be many who will vilify me. Consider yourself having been blown a raspberry.

  • On close inspection, theres seems to be a PC Engine Duo-R right underneath the tv. The thing in her hand looks like a psp or a turbografx controller strangly enough. Her friend looks to definitely have a psp in hers. I can’t tell what GBA game is in that NDS, but it looks like an EZ-Flash 3 cartridge. Except, it doesn’t look transparent like one. There are 2 pc engine hu cards on the entertainment center. I can’t makeout what games they are though. The Wii is in between the box on the bottom center of the entertainment center and her dvd player and xbox. The portable handheld on the floor is a Turbografx Express. It also looks like she has The Monster World Collection for the PS2. Maybe shes a fan of Wonder Boy(Adventure Island in the US)?

  • Some of those models are to young for my taste, but I find myself wondering whats the difference with a picture of a child that age in a T-back and an artistic depictions of children? Ultimately, it’s up to every society to decide for itself. Of course that’s not good enough for the West which is trying to push international rules governing almost everything on the rest of the world. As for Yuka Kuramochi, I find her to be a hypocrite just like many former porn stars who crap on the porn industry in an attempt to curry favor with mainstream society.

    • Go figure – the 17-year-old gravure idol is complaining about a _younger_ l*li gravure idol.
      It reminds one of the complaint from 25-year-old AV performers who voice that they’re losing roles to *new* 18-year-old AV performers.
      Hmmm… could it be that the paying customer _prefers_ younger performers in image videos and AVs?
      Or did Yuka have the misfortune of finding her most recent photobook on the shelf at a used shop having been marked down (in successive cuts) to ¥200?

  • Icy-nee-san says:

    I am mortified as well! Little girls should only be wearing 4 things! School Swim Suits, One Piece dresses, Short tight Shorts, and Nothing!! To make alittle girl wear a thong…disgusting >__>

    • Christopher says:

      No, they are not meant for ‘adults’. The real issue is that people do not want to realize that children are JUST as much sexual creatures as adults are, and since they are born with genitals from birth and no ‘force field’ between their genitals and those of others…. it’s quite apparent that they are supposed to be doing the ‘horizontal limbo’ with people their own age and older.

      I’m kinda getting tired of seeing this stuff that denigrates children and makes it like sexual behavior in a child is ‘abnormal’. The fact is that to MOST MEN, a nude child or sexily dressed child…. just as attractive as an adult who is sexually dressed, they just don’t want to admit it because of the whole ‘pedosexuality is bad and wrong’ that the religious right has brainwashed our society into.

      • Thongs are designed to make the wearer sexually attractive therefore they are meant for adults. I mean, why would you wear a thong in the first place? Isn’t it to make yourself sexually attractive? You make a child wear that and she’ll think it’s normal to wear it but in fact you’re making her an available target for men. Yes, they do have genitals and they do have sexual urges but they also have to learn to control those urges. Making them wear such skimpy outfits will make them think that it’s ok to let out these urges anytime they want, anywhere they want. By the time they grow up, they wouldn’t be as different as street dogs.

      • It’s a biological fact that human genitals aren’t supposed to work properly prior to about 12 years of age, so children younger than that should not have sexual intercourse in any form (and thus deserve protection by society, but surely none of that shit UNICEF is spitting out lately). Other than that, I agree with you.

        It’s all a matter of individual maturity though, and in current (western) society it just wouldn’t work out. So it’s a good thing that teh internet, among other things, helps in letting children reach a mature state of mind much earlier these days, slowly undoing 2 millennia of religious indoctrination in this area (admittedly most of it happened in more recent history, but whatever). Thank god not all world religions are as stupid as Christianity… oh yeah, I’ll gladly go to hell for this statement.

        That being said, the youngest 3D girl I ever found to be damn hot was 15, me being 18 at the time…

  • I have a friend who have those fish eyes. And he’s pretty much a normal, funny, intelligent young man.

    So, why are we discussing about her eyes as though they were deformities again? I’ve seen enough discussion about Oprah and Rhianna’s eyes in racists boards.

    Maybe the girl is just sleepy.

  • Spoony Bard says:

    Asperger’s isn’t a serious disease at all. Scientists who performed an autopsy on Albert Einstein said he could have had Asperger’s, yet at the same time his friends and family remembered him as being charismatic and witty. Also, he was relatively self-conscious about his looks when he was younger.

    • Christpoher says:

      You are right that it isn’t a ‘serious disease’…. until you realize that Asperger’s people have problems coping with the ‘sarcasm’ of other people and take nearly EVERYTHING at face value.

      That is a BIG detriment in a society where the ability to lie about things and hide who and what you are (especially if you are of a differing sexuality, H or P) is a benefit.

  • Let’s see. On the floor there appears to be a PS2 game (since there’s a Sega Ages box), but the game on the TV appears to be Wario Land: Shake it. I can’t tell what the controller is & her friend is playing a Game Boy Micro while there’s a DS Lite (or DSi, can’t tell).

  • Shadowstitch says:

    Ah yes, good ol’ Asperger’s….. the disease of choice for all misunderstood youths who want to have a convenient explanation for sociopathic behavior while somehow still claiming mental superiority to everyone else in any other way.

    Every misunderstood misfit with a penchant for internet-quiz-fueled self psychiatric diagnosis claims they have it at one time or another, when in an overwhelming majority of cases it’s simply the foibles of insecurity and eccentricity. But they’d rather use a legitimate disease as an excuse to call foul when someone says something mean to them.

    ..and I don’t know which gravure idol YOU guys are looking at, but uh…she’s pretty hideous. I know “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and all, but c’mon guys…the interwebs are littered with hundreds if not thousands of random disposable photo idols WAY hotter in every respect than this girl. Hell, half of that aforementioned estimate can be found right here at Sankaku…

    • Coincidentally, all those aforementioned idols photos you’re talking about, are ones of them doing photo shoots in full make up, lighting coordination, and a lot of photoshop.

      Not to say she’s amazing looking either, but a lot of the photos here and clearly personal pictures, possibly ones put onto blogs.

    • Christpoher says:

      Actually, Asperger’s is a lot more common than people like to think. I was ‘self-diagnosed’ with it at 17, and then diagnosed with it FOR REAL by a licensed psychiatrist at 21.

      He said, coming from my parents testimonies of my behavior as a child, that it should have been obvious to ANYONE that I had Apberger’s, including the first psychologists I went to when I was 8.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you not think, then, that Aspergers’ syndrome itself was a term that is used in order to refer to “the disease of choice for all misunderstood youths who want to have a convenient explanation for sociopathic behavior while somehow still claiming mental superiority to everyone else in any other way?” As the poster above said.

        Just because a psychiatrist dubs you to have “Aspergers'” does NOT mean you have problems. It may just mean that you need to GET OVER YOURSELF. I, myself, was suicidal and displayed antisocial behavior in various levels throughout many years of puberty and teenage years. I attribute that to not Aspergers’ syndrome but simply as a spoiled brat whose hormones were out of control and just so happened to be coincidentally in a bad family situation.

        Don’t blame all your problems on “syndromes” — scientific terms or no — because you are the one that ultimately can GET OVER YOURSELF and stop whining, using “Aspergers'” — even if it is true and applies to you — as an excuse for your own behavior and reluctance to deal with it.

    • I dunno, I think she’s attractive in a geek-girl-next-door sort of way. Maybe that’s the market she appeals to, a lot of idols go more for “the girl you live next door to” rather than “the impossibly hot girl who would never talk to you”…

  • Huh, who’da thought.

    In all seriousness I have Asperberger’s Syndrome too and let me tell you we are just as good as any regular person.

    I completely agree – young people whould not be “sexed up” by thongs and the like for any reason.

  • She rocks on multiple levels! Great article.

    And also on the asperger comment, don’t be surprised. 90% of what you hear about it total BS. Anybody that feels misunderstood and smarter than everyone else claims they have it. In all, most of the worlds population feels that way.

  • I’m glad the Asperger’s thing was pointed out, I was wondering why some of her pictures have a bit of a “fish eye” thing going on. By that I mean they protrude a bit too far from the sockets.

    And I wholeheartedly agree, loli’s should not wear thongs, school swimsuits are wonderful, and I am totally not saying this with any perverted meanings behind it.

  • she is hot as a motherfucker! This sentence made me LOL:

    “Wearing a T-back with such an undeveloped body just doesn’t look good at all. Wearing a normal swimsuit shapes their bodies much better than a T-back!”

    She may be hot but between this comment and Aspergers, prolly not to bright. Powerful though – I’d do her.

  • WHOOO fellow person with ausbergers syndrome. Oh and it’s true we seem to be born without an instinctive ability for social skills but we get an instinctive ability for knowledge in exchange (typos included of course lol). But i’d say by the description of her interests oh yeah she screams it it’s funny because people with ausbergers syndrom seem to be drawn to anime and video games as if it’s a genetic compulsion. But still little kids in thongs and whatnot not a good thing disgusting at least to me. Oh and to the person who mentioned the eyes it’s normal for people with ausberegers syndrome to have a different “look” to our eyes.