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Macademi Wasshoi! Ero-DVD Loses Clay, Gains Nipples


The first DVD volume of Macademi Wasshoi!, recently released, has dispensed with the clay doll service in favor of the more mainstream nekomimi loli service as shown below:


The third comparison picture from the top seems odd with the DVD version substituting floating heads (ala Rosario + Vampire) for an already revealing outfit, but otherwise everything else appears to have received a proper ero upgrade.


The above bath scene from the ED (DVD version on the left) still contains an substantial amount of steam…


Artefact has expressed his belief that the Macademi TV version was overly censored in a ploy to increase DVD sales, something that appears to be the norm for service heavy shows recently.

I see no real reason to disagree with him, when such fairly innocuous scenes as shown above were censored in the TV broadcast.

The first DVD volume only contains the first two episodes of the show, so we still have a while to go until the full cast makes their entrance and we are able to enjoy full uncensored episodes containing such charming scenes such as this:


The DVD is available now.

Via Nijigen Kuukan.

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