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Clannad Ita-Mice


Fans of KyoAni’s Clannad have reason to look forward to March, when this ita-mouse aimed at the otaku market and decorated with a moe picture of the show’s popular Nagisa Furukawa will be released.


The mouse, scheduled for a March 2009 release and priced at ¥6300, is apparently meant to actually be used, as it carries with it a serious spec sheet:

Size:62x112x32mm (W x L x H)
Optical Sensitivity: 800cpi
Interface: USB
Buttons: 3
Compatible with Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/Vista/Mac OS X 10.2+


For fans more into tsundere, a Tomoyo Sakagami version will also go on sale at the same time.


Unfortunately, the pre-order window for these attractive ita-mice was quite short, and pre-orders seem to be closed at all the online stores that are carrying them.

Perhaps fans will be able to pair the mice with a suitable computer, along the lines of a Strike Witches Ita-PC?

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