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Eroge Makers Wish You A Happy 2009


2channers have obligingly provided this interesting digest of the celebratory illustrations provided by various eroge makers:

2009-eroge-new-year-1 feng
2009-eroge-new-year-2 ALcot
2009-eroge-new-year-3 AXL
2009-eroge-new-year-4 etude
2009-eroge-new-year-5 戯画 / Giga
2009-eroge-new-year-6 OVERDRIVE
TOP200608 minori
2009-eroge-new-year-8 TYPE-MOON
2009-eroge-new-year-9 Whirlpool
2009-eroge-new-year-10 ういんどみる / Windmill
2009-eroge-new-year-11 Escu:de
2009-eroge-new-year-12 アリスソフト / Alice Soft
2009-eroge-new-year-13 âge
2009-eroge-new-year-14 ゆずソフト / Yuzusoft
2009-eroge-new-year-15 すたじお緑茶 / Studio Ryokucha
2009-eroge-new-year-16 オーガスト / August
2009-eroge-new-year-17 Leaf
2009-eroge-new-year-18 Sphere
2009-eroge-new-year-19 Xuse
2009-eroge-new-year-20 ニトロプラス / Nitroplus
2009-eroge-new-year-21 elf
2009-eroge-new-year-23 みなとそふと / Minatosoft
2009-eroge-new-year-24 F&C
2009-eroge-new-year-25 HOOKSOFT
2009-eroge-new-year-26 キャラメルBOX / Caramel Box
2009-eroge-new-year-27 Baseson
2009-eroge-new-year Ricotta

Without naming any guilty parties, some of these companies seem to completely miss the point of a celebratory illustration, though of course they could be excused for merely omitted ushimimi.

On the other hand, several are quite striking; Type-Moon, Windmill and Baseson seem to get the idea…

Which do you think most becoming?

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