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Principal Beats Schoolboy in Train Rampage


An inebriated headmaster is set to be given a stern telling off after he went on a drunken rampage on a train, attacking a schoolboy and apparently trying to kick open the door to the driver’s compartment.

The principal (57) apparently started kicking the door to the driver’s compartment, and then started arguing vociferously when told to stop.

With the situation escalating, a schoolboy (16) attempted to interpose himself and stop the confrontation, but all he got for his trouble was a punch in the face as the renegade principal began attacking him.

The rampaging headteacher was eventually subdued by those on the train, and handed over to station staff, after which he was subsequently arrested.

The boy was only lightly injured.

The suspect excuses himself: “I was drunk and I don’t remember a thing.”

The local board of education has a stern rebuke for their man, but says nothing of any disciplinary action: “If it’s true it’s quite unforgivable conduct; we would like to take urgent steps to issue such guidance as to ensure no relapse occurs.”

There is no word on charges for the teacher…

Via Sankei.

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