Figma Saber Lily – Ultimate Figma?


The new Saber Lily Figma, bundled with the special edition of the Fate/Unlimited Codes PS2 game, quite possibly serves as the finest example of Figma craftmanship to date.

Figma are poseable figures produced by Max Factory. Normally their low price (less than ¥ 2500) and the need for articulation prevents the figures from being too elaborate, either in detail or clothing choices.

The Lily Saber Figma retains the unsightly (to some) joints, but the rest of the figure is far more impressive than the norm for Figma, perhaps due to the limited-edition nature of the Lily Saber as compared to normal mass-produced Figma.


Without a doubt, Saber’s sword is the most impressive Figma accessory to date.


The detailing on the face is also beyond what is normally expected from a Figma product.


Saber comes with two different sets of faces and frontal hair pieces, the above photo shows both alternate pieces swapped in.


The removability of the face and hair necessitates this large seam, of course.






A source illustration on the side of the game box.


A screenshot of the actual game Saber Lily is bundled with, Fate/Unlimited Codes.

The SP edition of Fate/Unlimited Codes is pricey at upwards of ¥8,000. International customers can easily purchase one at Play Asia for an even more expensive $129.90, but be warned that there is only a Japan PS2 version being made, so proper modding would be required on foreign systems to play the game.

That is, of course, only a problem if you are buying the game to actually play it, instead of for the fine Saber Lily Figma bundled with it…

More review photos available at Neko ni Koban, cover image and game screenshot courtesy of Gpara.

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