Queen’s Gate Alice “Boost” Figure


The “Boost” version of Gate Opener Alice from the Queen’s Gate / Queen’s Blade series has just been released – “Boost” in this case meaning a mega oppai form as opposed to her previous petanko loli version.

The 門を開く者 アリス ブーストVer. / She Who Opens The Gate: Alice Boost Ver. figure is produced by Alter and sculpted by やまちち(ヘビーゲイジ) / Yamachichi. It is a 1/8 PVC, making it a bit smaller than than the usual 1/6 or 1/7 sizes you might be more accustomed to.

Her previous loli figure was immensely popular and was possibly one of the most photographed figures of the first half of 2008.

However, the Boost version is from Alter and not Mega House as the previous figure was. Considering Alter’s reputation, few will be disappointed I think.


As with the loli version, Alice comes with a small arsenal of weapons that can be removed or changed easily.



This rear shot is lovely…



Up close there are weaknesses visible in the paint job, something which would have to be expected for a figure in this price range.


Her weapon accessories are all well sculpted.


This is presumably the most “boosted” part of the figure, and Alice is definitely very well endowed, although some other figures have her decisively beaten in this area.


I’m fairly certain the purple marks are a result of this being a preview version, but that’s only an assumption. Otherwise, her pantsu area looks swell.


Her “battle damaged” oshiri looks good also, and the pantsu look much more appealing from this angle.

The Queen’s Gate Alice Boost Ver. is a surprisingly inexpensive figure at only ¥6800, but as it is a limited edition only available through mail order from Hobby Japan it would be difficult to acquire outside of Japan.

Those willing to go through the lengths of using the typical Japanese auction sites / proxy services most likely already know the process well, so I will spare the details here. Apologies for disappointing those unable or unwilling to go through that rigmarole.

See the full review at Foo Bar Baz.


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