Chaos;Head Ita-Bus


A promotional ita-bus for the upcoming XBox 360 port of Chaos;Head has been seen in Akihabara, advertising the game with its bus sized ita-artwork and 15 full size TVs built into the sides of the bus all simultaneously playing a promo video for the game.

The bus made began making its appearance on the first day of Comiket 75, which must be an auspicious day for the likely otaku consumers of Visual Novels such as Chaos;Head.






The marketing stunt seems to be doing well, judging by the throngs of Akiba denizens crowded around it.

However, this is not the first time Chaos;Head has used such an unusual advertising tactic – some of you might remember the Chaos;Head Potato Chips promotion.


The game itself, Chaos;Head NOAH, will be the XBox 360 port of the original Chaos;Head PC game whose TV series recently concluded. It is scheduled for a February 26, 2009 release date.


The ita-bus in a past life, when it was being used to promote the Clannad Theatrical Movie.

You may also recall a similar tactic used in support of Platonic Heart

For the curious, below is the promo video that was being shown on the ita-bus’ banks of TVs:

Via Akiba Blog.

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