Youth Carjacks Old Lady: “I Wanted to go to Comiket”


A young man (18) who stole an old lady’s car at knifepoint has offered his pressing need to attend Comiket as his reason for the crime. He needed to travel some 250km to Tokyo to get there.

The young man, a university student, chose as his victim an old lady (65) who had just returned to her car, parked in a shopping centre car park, after finishing her shopping.

He menaced her with his kitchen knife: “Don’t act up! If you do, I’ll stab you for sure!”

Having overpowered her he took off in her car. The lady was unharmed and immediately reported the theft to police.

He managed to get a kilometre before into his journey a police helicopter discovered him, after which he was soon apprehended.

His explanation is straightforward: “I wanted to go to Comiket at the Tokyo Big Sight, using the car I stole.”

Via Asahi.

His excuse seems so bizarre that it’s difficult to see why he would make it up?

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