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The Shame of Aya Hirano: Yearns to “Forget” Bikini Incident


Fallen bikini idol Aya Hirano has finally unveiled the not entirely shocking truth of the “Aya Style” debacle, where she happily modelled an upside-down bikini for her gravure calendar, in what has come to be known as “Aya Style“.

This is after having desperately avoiding any acknowledgement of the matter for many months now – a sign perhaps that she is sorely chastened? She goes so far as to give her New Year’s resolution as “I just want to forget.”

The admission comes at a recent event, where she was asked what the biggest episode of the year was; she admitted it was the bikini incident. What of her excuse then?

“Please wear it like this” she was apparently told. None too surprisingly considering she is known more for looks than her intellect, she complied without questioning the request.

A fan wryly observes: “Aya-chan must not go to the beach very often…”

Of the incident, she says “I just want to try to forget all about it in the New Year.”

Don’t expect to see her back in a bikini any time soon… It seems even pantsu prove troublesome for this gaffe-prone idol.

You can actually still buy the infamous calendar, for some reason for a huge discount

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