Erogane no Linebarrel Yuri-makura


Two new dakimakura covers for mecha oppai anime Kurogane no Linebarrel (or Linebarrels of Iron if you prefer) emerge, both rather erotic and oppai-centric.

Above we have Miu Kujou (voiced by a certain corpulent idol), going on sale March for a princely ¥9,000; look for it at Hobby Search shortly, or Getchu now. The illustration is rather nice, I think you’ll agree.

Below we have the yuri-makura:


Emi Kisaki and Shizuna (the groper).

What’s slightly surprising about this cover is the relatively inexpensive price: about ¥6,000. A limited edition at the more usual ¥9,000 is available if you need some expensive prints…

These covers all go on sale in February.

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