Hatsune Miku vs Nagato Yuki (Tissue Hime)


Nagato Yuki and Hatsune Miku collide in this excellent artwork and music; see the MAD and additional artwork below:

The “New Song” of the title is perhaps not as good as the illustration might suggest, but is still worth listening to if Vocaloid rock is of interest; view it at Nico.

Much better than the song are the illustrations, by (´3`):


You can also find them on the Channel.

The only slight fly in the ointment is that this is not actually Nagato Yuki, it is “Tissue Hime”…

In case you are wondering, “Tissue Hime” is renowned for a variety of Nagato Yuki cosplay guitar MADs, as well as for being of ambiguous gender, not that this has dissuaded fans.

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