Cosplay Kickboxer Strong Like Vita! Vows Index Cosplay!


Undefeated welter weight champion kickboxer and crossdressing otaku cosplayer Yuichiro Nagashima, whose impressive record now stands at 10 bouts and 10 victories, with 7 KOs, has vowed yet further triumphs after his most recent victory.

Above he is seen cosplaying his hero Vita, of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, during a recent interview, the text of which you read below:

His latest fight entry (from the 22nd):

Scenes from the interview:




What are your favourite anime of this season?

I’m totally hooked on Ga-rei Zero and Kannagi.

When is your next match?

It’s due February 23rd: “FieLDS K-1 WORLD MAX 2009”.

What will your next costume be?

There are several candidates, but as yet I can’t divulge anything.

If you cosplayed one of our (group’s) characters, which would be good?

I’m totally stoked to try Index (of A Certain Magical Index); of course, even with the safety pins I could bust out of it…

Your ambition for the New Year?

I’ll be competing at K-1, so I’d like to give a perfect cosplay performance on the big stage, and get my support group outfitted too. Then I’d like to enter the ring not as just a single cosplayer, but as part of a big group; almost as if we could re-enact an anime there…

Expect the entire cast of Nanoha to turn up in the ring, then…

Via Ascii.


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